The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 36)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


The Unforeseen Implications of Being Impulsive

One of the many traders at the recent Telford show was Paul, a chap I know who runs a company called “Just Bases”.  We got talking as I was browsing his stand and he mentioned that he was looking to gradually wind down his business over the next year as he was aiming to retire.  How quickly he would realize this was to some extent dependent upon how soon he shifted his stock, especially the larger items which didn’t sell as well but which he was willing to part with at a knock down price.

By a nice coincidence something I’d been checking out recently was the idea of buying a large perspex display case for a project I have in mind and the one thing I learnt straight away was they don’t come cheap.  In fact for the bespoke size I was looking at (100cm x 30cm x 26cm approximately) I could expect to see little change out of £150.00 or more. So, out of idle curiosity I asked Paul how much a particular base was which had caught my eye and he told me I could have it for £50.00!

Without further ado the deal was struck, the case was bought and I was a happy bunny.

Happy that is until I realized I had no room in the car to bring it home!  Had I taken the estate car then I would have been fine but I drove up to Telford in my beloved two seater and coming all the way home at night, in November with the top down and it pissing down with rain wasn’t going to happen.

Fortunately Paul came to my rescue and agreed to drive it back for me and on the Saturday just gone I collected it from him.


Not surprisingly She Who Must be Obeyed was curious to know where I thought it was going to go and needless to say all my well considered ideas were given the thumbs down so for now it sits across an armchair in our upstairs conservatory!

Still at a loss as to where to put the thing until I get to use it, divine intervention and an “idea” from SWMBO provided a solution.

The divine intervention came on Sunday, the day after I collected the case from Paul, in the form of the garage fridge/freezer breaking.  Now we only had this fridge/freezer because a few years back we used to have our own pigs which we kept on a nearby farm and reared for pork and bacon.  It was great fun until they went for slaughter and then the kids got upset like kids do and eating there pets no matter how nice they were didn’t seem to console them very much either.  After the pigs went SWMBO took over the fridge/freezer and expanded her empire beyond the kitchen and utility room and into “my” garage.

Now the way I saw it the broken fridge/freezer would go to the dump and the vacant space would be mine and serve as an ideal temporary home for the newly acquired perspex case.  As luck would have it SWMBO saw it that way too.   Unfortunately she also saw the need for a replacement fridge/freezer and a revamp of the utility room where she wanted it to go!

What The f**k!

It seems SWMBO had it all thought out.

“The dog (Buddy) and his bed can move to the hall, one of the work tops can be shortened, the notice board can move to another wall, the electrics can be “jiggled” with, the shelf unit can go and it can all be decorated”.

“Oh, and the new fridge/freezer is being delivered by John Lewis on Wednesday (that’s actually this morning by the way!)”.

What the f**k!

“… and just when am I going to get any modelling done?”


This week TIM has been …

F*****g decorating!

This week TIM has been listening to …

The sodding radio while he’s been bloody decorating!

I don’t like the radio much, the repetitive adverts drive me up the wall and the playlists seem to be the same show after show too.  One catchy little number seemed to get played a fare bit and as a consequence grew on me.  It sounds like it belongs to the 80s but apparently it’s new(ish), well to me anyway.  I found it on YouTube and the link is below.  The guy looks a little odd, the dodgy haircut doesn’t help but the girl is rather hot.

This week TIM has been watching …

Men Behaving Badly

This seemed rather apt given the week I’ve been having.  Fortunately, while waiting for paint to dry in the utility room, I have found some time to do some modelling this week but it’s been bits here and there so far.  As a consequence I thought half hour episodes would be better than trying to watch a feature length film.

It’s best to ignore series one which featured a miscast Harry Enfield and jump strait to series two and beyond which starred Neil Morrissey instead.

Another timeless classic where the comedy is as good now as it was when first aired.


Until next time.


17 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 36)

  1. A good post, I am glad you explained the upstairs balcony…. I feel you pain, I once bought a super cheap telly from the Lerwick Tesco, paid for it, stuck it in the trolly and then realised I had the little car, 3 kids and a wife! Somehow everything fitted in, we then realised it wouldn’t fit where we were going to put it, so we had to rearrange the whole lounge!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think it’s fare to say she is suspicious of the costs Ì tell her but she probably only doubles the price. Heaven help me if she really new what some bits have cost. That said, after 36 years of marriage I’ve still never got out of her what she pays to have her hair done! 😊

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was puzzled by the upstairs conservatory! Curious to see what you have planned for that display case too – a protective cover for a large and delicate diorama perhaps?

    Liked by 3 people

  3. The first season of Men Behaving Badly had some laughs but Tony made the show take on a whole new dynamic. Brilliant!! I actually watched a couple of episodes a few days ago as I was staying with my sister and her bloke and they loooove the show. The display case looks great. What’s going on that one then? I know what a conservatory is but what’s an “estate car” is that a sedan or a station wagon?

    Liked by 1 person

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