Lindisfarne – A 28mm Diorama – Part 1

Incredible as it seems another Christmas is over and I hope each and every one of you had an enjoyable time.  More on the subject in a future Musings post perhaps but for now it’s time to focus on the New Year.  Before that though my last post for 2018!
I hadn’t intended to post this Saturday, mainly because the Christmas festivities left little time to prepare anything but then I discovered that I had drafted a post which I never published.  Not entirely sure how that came about as I’m generally well organised but clearly not on this occasion.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the model remains neglected.  I lost my way with this one sometime ago for what I am sure we’re good reasons at the time but blowed if I can think what they were now.  Let’s put it down to age.
The down side of this post though is I now have to finish the diorama and with so many other things on the go I’m not really sure I want to.  That said it will make for a good start to the year if I can install some discipline and finish off various projects before I get carried away with all the new things I have planned.
So, without further ado let’s move on.
The aim of this little diorama is to depict the beginning of the Viking age and the attack on Lindisfarne and its Priory in the year 793.
The figures were purchased from V and V Miniatures, either a Russian or a Polish company if I remember correctly,  and one I hadn’t used before.  The quality of the resin figures is very good but the simple truth is I really do not like resin figures that much (I’ll explain why at some point in the future), I’m a white metal guy at heart.  Nevertheless I will keep an eye on their interesting range which at present is not huge but hopefully will grow.
The base when I get round to it will be a simple affair but for now all I have to show are images of the four painted figures.  A little more work needs to be done but otherwise they are almost complete.
Progress photos below.
DSC_0803 (1)DSC_0827DSC_0801 (2)DSC_0829DSC_0804 (1)DSC_0802 (1)DSC_0828

23 thoughts on “Lindisfarne – A 28mm Diorama – Part 1

  1. Ah, Lindisfarne, the day on which a brave group of Vikings risked their lives to rescue treasure and artefacts from the burning priory after the monks mysteriously died. Truly a moment in history worth remembering.
    I know the feeling when your enthusiasm for a project dies a death and the whole thing is left unfinished (I have a “shelf of shame” littered with them), good luck getting this one turned around.

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing if your reasons for preferring white metal align with mine. I’m pretty sure you might also remember the good old days of child friendly lead but I’ll stop right there before I dig a hole I can’t get out of!

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  3. Looking good Dave I will be interested to see the outcome ! Having done a few Vikings I found shields difficult to paint I’m not great at freehand so I did admire your job on your guys !.I have read a lot of fictional books in regards to Lindersfarne but I never thought I would get there . On our trip back in 2014 we were hurtling down the A1 on our way down to Alnwick when I spotted the sign for it ,without any warning ,heavy bracking and a quick lefty ,big shock to the mob as they had no warning but agreed it was well with the driving drama to go there !.So cheers mate have a great 2019 and take care .

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    1. Not sure this will end up being a favourite, I lost my way with this one but the historic period interests me so I may well revisit that in some form at a later date. Likewise, have a great 2019 and best wishes to the family.


      1. Yep, still catching up on everyone’s blogs. Will let you know what you think as I get through them! Work is busy right now and hobby/reading time has been at a low. But that sort of balance always shifts back and forth.

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