Harold Godwinson – A 28mm Figure (February Challenge)

Following on from last weeks post I managed this week to complete the last of the four Gripping Beast figures which I purchased about a year or so ago.  As this neglected figure just crept into February I thought I might as well include it in Azazels monthly challenge.  Hopefully I’ll aim to complete at least another one before the month is out as well as making a contribution or two to Alex’s February challenge.

Not a lot I can say about either the figure or the base, neither are spectacular just pretty straight forward stuff.

I do have some good news though, well for me at least.  My “Partly Done Neglected Pile” has been reduced to one so once I get that done I can start to do something new.  Hooray!

I’m not looking at the “Not Yet Started Neglected Pile” though, that’s too big to contemplate right now but at least it’s smaller than the recently purchased pile which will soon become the focus of my attention!

Pictures below.



29 thoughts on “Harold Godwinson – A 28mm Figure (February Challenge)

  1. Nice mate ,but when are you going to really blow us away with a big one that SWMBO has to vac every week until you present it to your new royals as a christening present ! ,Oh I can feel it coming mate . Just like I’m aroused (don’t tell the young IMP I said that ,he will just laugh! )about doing a connection to the castle dio . I’m going to try and make it fit alongside the other so it is not noticed ,hard to explain but I’m working on it at the moment and will try to post more work in progress photos .

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    1. Cheers Pat, it’s no master piece but just trying to tidy up the various piles of figures lying around. I’m sure whatever you do with the castle diorama will look fine in the end because you wouldn’t settle for anything less. Not sure about a big or even a small diorama at the moment, enjoying just doing figures for the moment but I will be inspired soon I’m sure!

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  2. Sorry to bother you again but some but (I’m sure I asked you this before and failed to take it in ) but do you prime your metal figures before you paint them ,any advise would be really welcome as I would hate to bugger up my Valdamar figs as the detail is soooo good ,just remember they are tiny 1/72 and I feel your lads are a little bit bigger ! ,any advise mate is always good advice from you and the mob ,Cheers mate .

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    1. Metal figures – just spray them with cheap white or black spray from Bunnings. White Knight Matt Black or Matt White. I just got a can of their white primer to try, but I supsect that it might have too much tooth on models of this scale. Then again, it might be completely fine as well!

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  3. Nice one mate. He looks proper mean! I’m glad you’ve sorted your piles out. I can imagine it’s been a real pain in the arse 🤣

    How do you go with yellow? I always struggle with yellow. Yours looks solid enough.

    What have you got instore for FEMBRUARY???

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    1. Haha, very good.

      Yellow is a bugger to paint. If there is a secret to it then I don’t know it. All I do is build it up later after layer. Even oil paints are thin and need to be built up but yellow oils on yellow acrylic give a bit of depth I think although this one is all acrylic.

      Fembruary. Bought a few Hasselfree Miniatures a little while ago which would fit the brief so might as well paint them this month as any other but whether I get to do them all remains to be seen.

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      1. I saw that you’d used Hasselfree figures after a sent my earleir reply. They are very good figures although not all of them interest me. I’m not planning a diorama with the ones I’ve bought just simple bases but I think you’ll like them, I just need to paint them up OK. I think the trouble with yellow is that it is so transparent, not sure why that should be, perhaps the pigment as you say. Just trying to cover over the primer as an effort and typically requires several coats in my experience.

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  4. I think he wants us to follow him. What’s up boy, has Alfred the Great fallen in the well? 😀
    Seriously, he’s looking great, that bright yellow on the shield is just perfect. Oh and – only one model in the “Partly Done Neglected Pile”?! Other piles notwithstanding (there was a joke in there but I’m pleased to see IRO already made it) that’s still an achievement to be extremely proud of, it’s certainly well beyond anything I’d dare aspire to.

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  5. I like the axe the best. The pointing thing is bugging me a bit. It feels like he’s caught partway into telling a story. Maybe he need to be paired up with another model. Or maybe he’s just a teaser for more to come? Nice work though!

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    1. I agree. He is a figure that would have worked in either a small vignette or a diorama but to be honest he was my least favourite of the four figures I originally purchased so simply ended up as he is. No more to follow for now but one day I might revisit the period in the future.

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