Generalmajor Heinz Harmel – 28mm Stoessi’s Heroes

Painting has been difficult this week but fortunately I had most of this little model done before my back problem struck.  A couple of other figures were also well on the way so I’m hoping to complete those too and then all being well I can pick up on the numerous things I had planned.

This figure is the second of four individual 28mm “Stoessi’s Heroes” figures for the Plymouth Model Club D-Day display.  I’m not sure if German Brigadeführer & Generalmajor Heinz Harmel was in any way involved with D-Day, I suspect he wasn’t, but I wanted to include a German figure for a bit of balance.  I settled on this one because I liked the pose and felt that as he was holding a pair of binoculars it kind of leant itself to looking out and assessing just what an earth was going on.

For the record, and according to “Stoessi’s” web site, Generalmajor Heinz Harmel was at the age of 37 the youngest man to ever become a Generalmajor and lead a Waffen SS-Division. Harmel was given command of the 10th SS-Panzardivision “Frundsberg”, where he was warmly accepted by the young men in the 10th SS as one of their own. He belonged to them since he had moved up through the ranks and understood therefore how to assess the concerns and needs of his men.

Harmel is remembered for his defensive action during the Battle of Arnheim which resulted in the failure of the British airborne assault as described in the book and movie “A Bridge Too Far”.

The keen eyed amoungst you might notice the cotton reel!

Photos below.



36 thoughts on “Generalmajor Heinz Harmel – 28mm Stoessi’s Heroes

  1. Well mate you have done a great job hear ,not only on the figure ,nicely painted again ,but what you have done with the cotton reel is truly splendid ! brilliant how you blended in those cobble stones with the wood ,I do like perfection ! .

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    1. Now this cold be the start of a weird conversation. I am as it happens working on a yellow thingy with wings for a future little diorama but for the life of me I cannot see that in the images I posted so am curious as to what you can see?

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      1. Yep, that describes the figure perfectly, along with your other comments but I just cannot understand how you have seen it? I took a rough photo the other day for a draft post I started but that’s as far as I have taken it, or so I thought! I’ve looked at my post and all I can see are the three images of the German. Weird?

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      2. Well I wish I could explain it but blowed if I can. As I say, at this end everything looks OK. No one else has mentioned anything which I’m sure they would have so all in all very odd. Thanks for letting me know. I will put it down as subliminal advertising on my part, giving you a sneak preview of what is to come! 😉

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      3. I was also really confused at first as the starting picture at the top of the thread (and in my reader) was the yellow winged man with a gun but you then talked about the German officer (and the pictures after the text were of the officer). I thought I’d better mention it too so maenoferren22 didn’t think he was losing his marbles 😉.

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      4. I think the only one losing their marbles is me but I just don’t know where I lost them! This thing is really weird I just cannot account for it at this end. The image makes sense, it’s of a figure I am working on, but I just cannot explain how it is part of this post. All very odd!

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  2. Great work as usual, the model is spot on but the basing really is above and beyond, love what you’ve done with the cotton reel.

    Hope your back is improving, I’ve had back trouble a few times (the curse of being tall) and it’s a right bugger so you’ve got my complete sympathy. I remember when a mate of mine put his back out and I ran into his brother and asked how he was doing, he said “Ah, he’s all right, so long as he doesn’t stand up, sit down or lie down he’s fine”. From my own experience I can confirm that bad though those are moving from one of those positions to another is ten times worse!

    Incidentally, I could also see the waspish creature for a while, but only when I previewed this post on my phone. As glimpses of the future go I’d have preferred next week’s lottery numbers, but it does look good so I’ll await seeing it finished with interest 🙂

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    1. Glad you like the figure and base mate and appreciate the comment. Very weird about the wasp image though, really cannot get to the bottom of that one at all. Me and technology aren’t the best of friends so I will mark it down to something I have done but buggered if I know what!

      Thanks for the kind words about my back and I had to laugh at the story of your mate. As with most things I tend to see the funny side wherever possible. I figure you might as well have a laugh, it’s not like you can change anything after all. Have to say though that it has been an eye opener. It is on the mend but I will take ownership for trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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  3. WordPress does that sometimes so don’t be too hard on yourself. The German looks stunning but I was equally interested in the Wasp man (or whatever he is). You might try dropping WordPress a short note on the switch up.

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    1. It’s very odd Mark but dropping them a line is a good idea. The wasp guy I’m hoping to feature in a little SiFi scene but just waiting for some other figures to arrive before I can properly start on it. Then it can join the queue!

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  4. Great work here, and those are some baggy as all hell trousers! The cotton reel came out great as well – you literally don’t see it as what it actually is unless you’re told and then look again.

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