The Wizard Library – 28mm Box Diorama (Part 2)

At long last I managed to get some more work done on this boxed diorama.

While I worked out where I was with the project and what needed to be done next I decided to stain the wooden box.  Nothing exciting in this at all but it needed to be done and allowed me to think about other things at the same time.  Real multi-tasking.  Try not to be blown away by the two photo’s below!


My next step was get the back wall painted.  Again nothing special, just grey paint, shading and dry brushing on top of the chinchilla dust render.  The wooden coffee stirrers were stained too.


The same colour scheme was used for the right hand wall.  The pillar was a simple piece of split wooden dowel with a rubber washer plinth at the bottom. The door was a bought item and the shield above the door was a computer print out.  The shield crest is that of Arthur Pendragon which is apt as will become known when the diorama is finished.


Focus then passed to the left hand wall.  The fireplace was another bought item as were the candlesticks and various bits and bobs which sit on the mantle piece.

I decided the wall looked bare and need some interest and some colour.  To remedy this I chose to make a few “Oil Paintings”.  The pictures themselves were printed on the computer but all the images are of figures which I have painted, mostly  by Reaper.


Next it was time to concentrate on some of the many bits and pieces which will be placed in and around the room.


So that’s pretty much where I am for now.

I have a couple of bookcases to finish painting along with a couple of figures.  The lighting needs to be sorted and I still need to keep an eye on how it will all be assembled in the box.

Plenty of fiddly stuff still to do so not sure yet if the next post will be another work in progress or the completed diorama.  I will also be taking time out to finish another little project I have been working on which may end up being my next post.








17 thoughts on “The Wizard Library – 28mm Box Diorama (Part 2)

  1. Coming together very nicely mate. I love that you printed pictures of models you’ve painted for the oil paintings. That’s very creative. All those fiddle bits look time consuming but fun and will look awesome when finished.

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  2. Love the WIP. Your work is superb, all the bits and details make a difference and you spare no effort on the smallest stuff. You should tell SWMBO that she is lucky to have such an artistic genius in the house.

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  3. I agree completely with IRO here – the “paintings” of your figures on the wall look absolutely spot on! You’re getting in as much detail in this diorama as Pat gets in his (and that is saying something)! Looking forward to seeing more on this!

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  4. Coming along fantastically. I’ve read so many of these posts already so when I see them it’s like “oh, yeah – did I not comment?” but I guess I must have seen them while out and about on my phone – not the most convenient place for that, I guess.

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