Sisters of Anarchy – A 28mm Diorama

This is the second of three in my mini series under the very lose genre title, Apocalypse.  In my own mind I kind of thought I needed to group them together and this is the best I could come up with.  What’s in a name anyway?

So what do we have here?

Well what we have are two Hasslefree figures, both with a bit of attitude.  The observant of you who follow this blog will recognise the larger figure on the right.  This is the same figure I used in my recently named “Get out of my fucking room!” diorama.  As previously mentioned I just love this figure which just happens to come in three variations.  This is the second and the third option is for the figure to have a wand in the right hand and a spell book in the other.  For now at least I cannot see myself doing that one.

Inspired by the Sex Pistols I decided to go down an anarchy themed route and set the figures against a graffiti daubed wooden fence.  As a minor tribute I added the album cover and the words “Never Mind The Bollocks …”  The graffiti was free hand and is OK while the little piece of wire fence to the right was made from the plastic mesh that garlic cloves come in from the supermarket.

Not a great deal more to say so on to the photo’s which begin with a few work in progress shots.












23 thoughts on “Sisters of Anarchy – A 28mm Diorama

  1. Excellent – as with “Get Out Of My Fucking Room!” you’ve really created a very strong narrative here. Love the strong colours in the graffiti – gives me a few ideas for when I get back to doing more terrain. How did you do the bricks incidentally – they’re very neatly shaped so I’m guessing they were cast or bought pre-made (mine always come out a bit rough)?
    Nice to see a “behind the scenes” glimpse of your notes from the most recent council meeting as well 😀

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    1. Your reference to council notes cracked me up! Nice spot. Glad you like the little dio. To answer your question the bricks were bought. If you ever need details on where I got them just give me a shout and I will send you the link.

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  2. Excellent! Really like this! I’d have thought the third figure, with ” a wand in the right hand and a spell book in the other” could be dropped into your wizard’s chamber diorama – you could stand the figure on a worn rug for a base, so that you could let it stand in the chamber if you wanted to include it on a temporary basis, but the rug would let it stand on its own as well. Almost as if the girl’s used a spell from the book and suddenly found herself in a wizard’s chamber somewhere out of time and she’s thinking “Now where am I”! Sorry, I’ve just had coffee, so the effects should hopefully wear off soon!

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    1. Ok, OK, you’ve convinced me to do the other figure too! Not sure it will fit with the boxed diorama though. I’ve set that way back in history and not modern day. Then again I guess anything is possible in the world of magic.

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  3. Brilliant Dave ,great figures ,and you have done it again with the creativity bit ,so so clever using that plastic weave bag for wire mesh ,and the wooden fence is very well done, as to the the Sex Pistols poster ,nice touch .

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  4. Brilliant mate – the graffiti & fence is spot on, and those kids look like real trouble 🙂
    One observation – the wire mesh seems very clean & shiny compared to the rest of the diorama… deliberately so?

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  5. Very nice, really like the detailing, and those are such great figures. I need to come up with an excuse to get them one day. If you are doing more such apocalypse themed dioramas, how about putting one on a brick instead of a wooden plinth? (I’ve been laying bricks in the garden today, as a middle aged punk rocker like myself would, hence the idea…)

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    1. Yea, I think the idea of a different base is a good one. Something to think about for most things if I can get my hear around what to do. I take it you are building a wall with the intention of applying some graffiti afterwards? 😉

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      1. Excellent. Big Waz thinks episode 4 is our best yet. I think I dominated too much but I had a lot to say in this one haha. Episode 5 is looking to be a fun, if not chaotic one because we will be having two special guests with us haha. Thanks for listening mate. Really appreciate it. Be sure to spread the word. Your kids might like it. Your local publican. Have you got any other friends? Haha 👍🏼

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