Dad’s Army – Part 5 (28mm Figures)

With the 8 uniformed figures completed my attention is now on the civilian figures.  There are 10 in this series due to the addition of the Vicar and the Verger.

First up we have Mainwaring and Frazer.  With the fashion of the day being pinstriped trousers and suits there is plenty of opportunity for some freehand work.  Each of the figures is composed wearing arm bands so there is also a need to paint LDV (Local Defense Volunteer) on each one.

As much as I enjoyed the uniformed figures these were much more fun and challenging to paint.




15 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 5 (28mm Figures)

  1. Nice work on the pinstripes ,not my strong point so full marks there mate ,I do like Mr Mannering in civies
    But I can’t remember the merchant seaman ,time to what a rerun I say !

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  2. Nice work on that pinstripe suit, there’s a job for steady hands if ever I saw one! Merchant seaman Frazer is looking good as well (although I must admit I was expecting to see him in full undertakers garb).

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  3. Awesome pin striping. I am glad Wudugast said about the undertaker for Fraser, I thought I had got my characters the wrong way round. Great painting nonetheless. I reckon as a diorama you should do ‘The Old Empty Barn’

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  4. A ton of extra character on these civvy …characters. As always your
    Pinstriping is fantastic looking and comes across excellently even at the small scale we work in. Looking forward to the next couple of them, and of course the completed shot with the side-by-sides of all of the completed characters!

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  5. Wow, great freehand work. I enlarged the shots to see more details and they are even more impressive. Do you have any secrets you could share? Or is it, as I expect, your surgeon-like steady hands? I have to say, I always look forward to your work Dave, and these are so great. Thanks for another great post!

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    1. No secrets on the freehand, just a steady hand as you say plus practice and patience plus a good brush. That said I just read about a product called Flow Improver (not new, just new to me) which should make freehand a little easier and if it does I will let you know!

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