Dad’s Army – Part 8 (28mm Figures)

All things being well this is the penultimate Dad’s Army post.  I’ve enjoyed doing the figures but I am itching to get on with other things now.  I have deviated a couple of times during this project due to the need to do one or two other things and post accordingly but I am now close to the finishing line and trying hard to maintain some discipline.

This week we have Frank Pike and Hodges the Grocer.  Hodges is the better sculpt in my opinion.  I am happy with the way I painted Pike but the resemblance isn’t there and if it was possible to achieve then it  needed a far better painter than me.

Only the Vicar and the Verger to go.  Hopefully I can get them done by next week and take some group shots too.

Images below.



14 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 8 (28mm Figures)

  1. Very nice once again, well done on Pikey’s pinstripes. I tend to agree that Hodges is the nicer sculpt (in terms of capturing the look of the character) but you’ve done a really nice job on Pike (the pinstripes of course, the pattern on the scarf, even the grain in the wood). Great stuff!

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