Brian Boru – Irish Warlord (A 28mm Figure)

Here we have a little vignette I put together of Brian Boru, First High King of The Irish, a legendary Irish Warlord – so says Gripping Beast who produced the miniature.  Just a little figure I was rather taken with and for which I felt the pose warranted a little more attention than a simple 25mm round base.

As with all the Gripping Beast figures I have found to date they are nicely made and enjoyable to paint.  Not a great deal to say on this one.  Simple paint job on the figure and an opportunity to make another wire tree as I hadn’t done one in a little while.

Images below.


DSC_0588 (2)DSC_0593 (3)DSC_0590 (2)DSC_0592 (2)DSC_0589 (1)DSC_0594 (2)DSC_0591 (2)





23 thoughts on “Brian Boru – Irish Warlord (A 28mm Figure)

  1. Great model, nice to see something with a more unusual pose – he looks quite contemplative as opposed to the usual leaping and roaring that miniatures get up to. The tree outshines him however, it’s amazing – very realistic (and here I speak as someone who spends a lot of time looking at trees!)

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  2. That mini was waiting for you – agree with above comments on his pose and contemplative look. Your color choices were excellent, and Brian Boru is epic indeed. Ah, the tree is sublime – really makes the scene. Love it – superb.

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  3. Nice work there Dave, as my great grandpa came from Ireland I’m glad you have done such a good job on King Brian, who knows I could be one of his decedents, he does look a bit like me ! As for the wire tree as you know I’m delving into some fantasy stuff and I was just thinking about trying them out as I feel they could do the trick, we must be in sync at the Mo! I must check out your tutorial and have a try ,Cheers Mate

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    1. Thank you that’s kind of you to say so. It is an unusual figure and I guess that is why I was rather taken with him. To be fare to him though, 5 minutes earlier he was probably running around killing people! 😉


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