Benedict Baker – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope

I thought I would kick start the New Year with my growing interest in a new genre for me – Victorian Steampunk.  Now before anyone gets carried away, myself included, the emphasis is likely to be more on figures and small scenes rather than large dioramas featuring Jules Verne type machines.  That may come at some point in the future but not before I get my head around the genre far more and not until I have completed lots of other bits and pieces (like others I am determined to try to clear my backlog!).  In next weeks TIM’s Miniatures and Musings I will reflect upon 2019 and in the one after that I’ll do a little feature on my aims for 2020 and where Steampunk fits in.  For now though back to this post.

This figure goes by the name of Benedict Baker, a victorian genteleman produced by Reaper under their Chronoscope range.  The figure reminded me of the Paul Whitehouse charachter which featured in the Fast Show …


… and so I decided to buy him.

The figure looks to me like he wants to tell a story and I thought this seemed like a pretty good place to start a new genre.

The figure itself is a straight forward paint job but the base is entirely scratch built.  As with the Paul Whitehouse chap I thought a fireside scene was appropriate so I made a fireplace using MDF, cardboard, a coffee stirrer and some twisted wire.  The pot plant was made from Milliput and some fern moss dipped in PVA.  I managed to find a small book to place on the mantlepiece and the small vase was made from the plastic protection pieces which come on the ends of paint brushes.  Match sticks were used for logs.  The wooden floor was made of coffee stirrers and the wallpaper and rug were prints from online images.

Welcome to Steampunk TIM!

Pictures of the completed model below.




21 thoughts on “Benedict Baker – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope

  1. A great use of everyday stuff Dave especially the vase ,I have often wondered what I could use brush covers for and now I know. And like John I’m looking forward to more of your Steampunk stuff it sounds very interesting !

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  2. Excellent work (as per usual!) – nice, simple piece that really sets the scene, and very clever use of household objects to build the background. Looking forward to seeing you get carried away with those mighty Jules Verne contraptions!

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