Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

I’m not sure that I needed to but following on from my previous Miniatures & Musings post …

… I thought I should complete this young lady if only to show that I am happy to paint female figures which aren’t scantily clad.  So this week I made sure to get Rowena painted up and based (see below).

In comparison with “Shayda Diovol”, Rowena, on the one hand, is well dressed and nowhere near as sexy which means she ticks the box of not being sexualised and exploited I guess.  On the other hand, to me at least, she looks a little timid, less in control and likely to do whatever the man in her life tells her to do which for the Victorian era would be about right for most women of that period.  When I compare the two figures I think Shayda is the more confident, self assured and intimidating female and yet she is virtually naked.  Significant?  Relevant?  For me sexual exploitation is an open can of worms.  The simple truth is sex sells, always has and always will.  Men know it and so do women.  In general terms it is hard at times to know who is exploiting who.  While you are thinking about that and making of it what you will I will start work on my next female which will provide further food for thought!

As for Rowena the figure itself was straight forward to paint and enjoyable on account of the level of detail on the sculpture.  One of the things I like about female figures is they can offer much more colour opportunity as they are often far less uniform based.  Pending the period and fashion there is a lot of scope particularly in the Victorian era.

Fortunately most of the work on this model was making the base which I did last week.  Just as well that I did as I had very little time to spend modelling this week.  Some brief periods of decent weather for the time of the year meant I could get out in the garden and make a start on my lengthy jobs list.  The good news is more rain is on the way so hopefully I will be able to hit the modelling desk once again!

Photos below.




21 thoughts on “Rowena Von Graaf – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 2)

  1. This is a gem for sure, the colours used also fit in with the era too. Have you ever used Foundry paint or models, i live not far from their premisis and will pay a visit on monday. May i ask about the photos, great set, i just cant seem to make mine lokk like they should.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I have painted a few Foundry figures and thought they were very good. My only beef with them is the company sells them (or they did) in sets. Like buying multi-packs of socks and pants in M&S they always include some you have no interest in! Have never used the paints. I tend to use Vallejo acrylics and Winton & Newton oils. As for photos I’m no photographer but someone put me onto buying a light box and it made a big difference. They aren’t that expensive and you can buy them, with lights, on Amazon and Ebay.

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