“Feygin” – A Twisted Miniatures Figure

Suddenly I seem to have numerous things on the go.  My discipline of trying to do one thing at a time has gone out of the window.  I blame it on the weather and the need to work on something else while other bits are drying.  That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

What we have this week is another Twisted Miniatures steampunk figure, their version of Fagin from the Dickens book Oliver Twist.  Having done a couple of Twisted Minitaures figures now I cannot fault the quality.  I have a few more in the pipe line before I either need to buy some more or move on to doing something else.  I’m not short of ideas right now which is a good thing.  No danger of hitting the wall on the ideas front for the foreseeable future at least anyway.

Not a great deal to say about the figure itself.  It comes in a few parts and really needed to be fully assembled before painting.  Sometimes I find it best to paint some bits first and then attach, all depends how easy it is to access the completed figure with a brush afterwards.

Figure painted in acrylics only.  I seem to do less and less now using oils.  Simple base work with a few cogs added on.  Images below including a couple of WIP ones.



25 thoughts on ““Feygin” – A Twisted Miniatures Figure

  1. I can sure see Fagin in there but i cant make out what the bit sticking out is, in the first picture it looks like a ball mask on a universal joint, but since the painting i cant make it out . I really love the way you base things, they have a narrative all of their own, looks great, I’m off to pick a pocket, or two..

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    1. It’s a mechanical third arm holding a knife. I tried to get better photo’s but the camera just kept focusing on the more dominant features and left things blurry. The last couple of pictures show it better of you enlarge them but still not ideal. Photography is not my strong point!

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  2. Great colours and fantastic basing – another excellent piece mate. His third arm gives me an idea, not one to act on straight away but one I’ll be squirrelling away in my brain for future use. Is his head a separate piece by any chance? Glad to see the weather is encouraging plenty of painting from you – silver linings and all that 😉

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  3. Bigger me Dave just when I think yup have done. Your best you come along and blow me out of the water with another stunner 😳top marks for the paint job on this magical 🧙‍♀️ figure!!

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  4. Nice work! I don’t know the character, but I could imagine him stepping out of a Terry Gilliam movie.

    You mentioned flitting about. Do you find yourself starting a mini and then moving on to something else and not getting back to that original mini right away? I’ve been doing this a bit lately, and also happened some before my ‘painting vacation’. Sometimes it’s because I’m stuck on a part that I don’t know how to do, or haven’t attempted. Sometimes I’m just not feeling the mini, or I get distracted by another. It is a little annoying, as I used to be more focused in my work. I was more assembly line driven in the past. On one hand, it’s all progress, but it adds a lot of delay in sharing any work I’ve done.

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    1. Yes he does look like a Gilliam invention doesn’t he. I think my flitting about is due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes I get bored and sometimes I get excited about wanting to start something I’ve just bought. Then there are the times when I get stuck and need to leave things to think about a solution. Like you I used to be more focused, possibly because I had less hobby time available. These days I just do what I feel like doing and don’t beat myself up anout it. Generally it all gets done eventually!

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