OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 3)

Since my last post, OMG Part 2, I have managed to more or less complete the waterfall and most of the base work.  Once all the figures have been put in place some minor additional ground work will need to be done, including some vegetation to add a little bit of colour, but that will come later.

The first two pictures below show the waterfall still drying out.  You can now see that the top part has gone clear while the bottom part still has a little way to go.  I have also added some mist/water spray to the bottom of the fall.  This was done using some type of fabric stuffing that She Who Must Be Obeyed had laying around.  The bridge has still not been glued down yet as access to the fall is still required.


With the bridge taken out again and the waterfall dry it was time to take some white paint and dry brush some highlights to simulate the cascade and hopefully bring the fall to life.


Time now to get the tree leaves on and start work on painting the figures.  Until they are done, one in particular, it wont be possible to do all the further work on the base.


Next we have the first of three figures.  In total there will be five.  The eyes on these figures were very important.  They needed to appear to be looking up for reasons which will become obvious either in the next part or when the diorma is complete.  The plastic bases are temporary and purely for keeping the figures upright while taking photos.  All three of these figures are from Hasslefree.  This figure goes by the name of “Jakevim the Swine”.


This young lady is called “Morwenna”.


And this guy is called “Hurin”.



Here we have all three in their final positions.  The final layer of ground work on this side of the diorama has now been completed and a splash of colour added with a few plants.  I decided to go with more is less and chose red as I felt it stood out.


That’s it for this post folks.  Part 4 should see work on the fourth figure and probably the key element of the whole diorama.  At that point you will get a very clear image of just what is going on.  All being well I should be able to wrap the whole thing up in part 5.













43 thoughts on “OMG! – A 28mm Diorama (Part 3)

  1. Matey Matey Matey !! this is really going to be hard for you to beat, hang on I think I have said that before !! I totally agree with John, and you have it right with the red ! Brill !

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  2. This is shaping up to be phenomenal, I can only echo what Alex has said above! I’m very curious about what they’re looking at now though, I’m going to guess something sci-fi – an alien space ship or time travellers perhaps?

    Liked by 4 people

  3. You could be right, it’s a good idea but I’m still leaning towards something modern/sci-fi, thus the modern sounding title of the piece and the baffled and dumbfounded expressions of the barbarians. Either way I’m agog to find out in the next installment!

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      1. Ah, not at all, just look at those pictures mate – you really are outdoing yourself with this piece! I’m just having fun guessing. (Not entirely sure why my reply to SteveB ended up down here by the way, probably because I tried to reply on my phone rather than booting up the computer like an adult).

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  4. Amaaaaazing!!! I like zooming in as it feels like I’m actually there standing beside the waterfall. Some of your finest work. The minis are great too. Hurin in particular is very cool. Nice sculpt. My guess is that they’re staring at a giant dragon?! Can’t wait to see more mate.

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    1. Now TIM has to paint an IRO figure to put in there! You’d fit right in with your Apoc gear!

      I agree on Hurin, very cool mini. Maybe that’s the next challenge? Everyone paints Hurin!

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  5. I think I would run in fear, if I ever had to do a diorama that big! Really amazing piece, and that waterfall is just incredible. If I need some water effects at some point, I’ll be looking back at these posts.

    Those minis are quite nice and well painted too, but I think you should have posted them first and then the waterfall, as it’s hard to compare to that.

    Looking forward to the next part!

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