TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 16)

Those of you who follow my blog will hopefully have seen my most recent attempt at constructing a waterfall and creating the illusion of flowing water in my dirorama OMG!


Few of you perhaps will have seen my first attempt.


Messing About With Realistic Water

Fully recharged after an excellent holiday and with a potential modelling ideas list as long as my arm I’ve decided that my next project will be a small diorama with flowing water being a main feature. The basic idea came from seeing some people out canoeing while away on holiday. Not entirely sure why I’ve settled on this idea from countless others but identifying the models to buy quickly certainly had a bearing. It will give me the time to source the things I need for other ideas while keeping my hand in.

The models needed are on order and should arrive shortly but in the meanwhile I thought I would share some details on the first water themed diorama that I put together a little while ago and before I started this blog. As with most first attempts a lot was learnt but overall I was reasonably pleased with the end result.

The basic story behind this 28mm diorama is mountain man sees stag across the water and is trying to make his mind whether or not to shoot such a magnificent beast. The stag on the other hand is deciding whether or not to leg it!

Rock moulds from Woodland Scenics were used to elevate the background and produce the height for the waterfall. The waterfall was created using a combination of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and Water Effects. Woodland Scenics have an excellent tutorial on YouTube on how to do this so I’m won’t provide a poor version of my own here.

The rocks were painted with highly thinned oil paints using a spotting technique whereby you dab on  each colour (in this case Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre) randomly and allow the colours to run into one another before applying a top coat wash of black (Ivory Black). Thinned the paint finds its way into all the nooks and crannies of the well-defined rock face but it’s not until the black is applied that the rock face truly comes to life.

Various bits of foliage were added to the scene along with rocks and tree debris to the plunge area of the waterfall.

For a change all the figures didn’t come from Dixon’s but from War Game’s Foundry, their Abrasoka Mountain Men set. The chap holding the rifle at the front of the diorama a is a great casting and one of my favourite figures.

So less chat and a few images.


20141214_13535620141214_13533420141214_135406Mountain Man20170322_115336

15 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 16)

  1. A nice example of how we all progress – and even though this is amazing – you were able to successfully use the experience that you gained here and leap forward. A mark of a great hobbyist I say!

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    1. Thanks Mark. When the journey going forward still feels like a long way away then it’s always a good idea I think to look back to see how far you have come. I would be amazed if all of us haven’t improved considerably over the years.

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  2. And now I know where the miniature in your profile image comes from! You’ve done a really excellent job with the water there, I love the amount of chop on the pool below the falls, but you’ve clearly learned from it as the “OMG” version is even better.

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