Steampunk Alice (Part 1)

I have begun working on another of my 28mm Twisted Miniatures, this one goes by the name of Alice and is a Steampunk version of Alice In Wonderland.  I cannot claim to be a fan of either the book or film(s) but as with my recent Disney Steampunk model “Chim Chimney” this one gave me some ideas.

Inspired by some of the images on the Twisted site I thought I would try and create a little model featuring some of the things I knew about the character and the story.  I knew a mirror needed to feature along with some playing cards and a chess board so I began to set about the build.

Using some old watch pieces I created the name of Alice for the front of the base.


Some tiles found in my scenic storage boxes would be used to create the chess board.  Holes were drilled to take certain pieces later on.  The broken tiles will be covered when the model is complete.


Painting the tiles and sticking them down soon got underway.  Such is the state of my memory that I need to have a yellow postit to hand to highlight that the tiles needed to be layed down in a black and white sequence!  In fairness I had to make sure I got the pre-drilled tiles in the right place.


A few more little features being worked on but whether I will use them all remains to be seen.


Alice underway.


Pending how things go and how distracted I get by something else I have now started will determine if this one gets finished next week.





22 thoughts on “Steampunk Alice (Part 1)

  1. Awesome mate, I’m looking forward to seeing this one complete. I actually thought the broken tiles was an intentional thing. I think you could work the broken tiles in and have a rabbit popping either in or out of the hole. The mirror is a good idea but don’t forget, when you’re taking photos, to not have your big head in the reflection hehe. Maybe write it down on a post-it note 😉

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    1. Haha yea I will be careful with the photos! As to post-it notes I would be lost with out them these days. I only have two things to remember. The first is to write it down, the second is to remember where I wrote it. I struggle with both! 🤣🤣

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  2. Yup, this one looks very interesting indeed! I agree that the book is a bit of an acquired taste but it’s got so much potential as a setting for a diorama (or more than one for that matter). Love the way you’ve written the name in watch-parts, that’s a clever touch.

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      1. I know exactly what you mean, this is something I often find with GW armies. Some I love and have to paint them, and some I like the look of and thus will probably never paint because they fall into the category of “I’ll buy that someday” and of course “someday” never comes because I’ve always got so many other things more exciting things on the painting desk already. Then there are the armies that I just don’t really like, and that gets me thinking about why not, what I’d change about them to make them more interesting or appealing, and that turns into a challenge that gets the creative juices flowing. Obviously there are some that I just look at and think “Yuk, I’m not touching that!” but on the whole I think I’m actually more likely to painting something that I don’t like but which challenges me to overcome that and make it good all the same than something which I like well enough but which doesn’t blow my socks off.

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