TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 21)

It was July 2017 when I produced my first World War 1 diorama and it was Memory Monday No:13 a few weeks ago when I reposted it.

It took me until October 2017 to begin work on this my second diorama.  This post was the first of two for this model.  At the time I did not realise this genre would grow into the project it became.  Be warned though, there is a lot more from this period to follow!

The project came about as my modelling club in Plymouth wanted to put on a display to commemorate the end of the Great War for its 2018 show.  Somewhere I got it into my head that it would be good to do a time line series.


On The Work Bench

Well at long last the various models I had ordered have all arrived and I have been able to commence work on the first of what will be a few 28mm WW1 dioramas.  If all goes to plan then I should have half a dozen or so models complete over the coming weeks.  However, we all know that nothing goes to plan so in reality it will probably take longer and involve obligatory swearing and cursing.

I decided to start with some of the figures I bought from Empress Models, their Muttonchop WW1 range.  The detail in these 28mm figures is simply outstanding.  Painting the figures is underway with some finished and others almost there.  Base work has also started and all things being well then by the end of next week I will be able to post images of the end result.



12 thoughts on “TIM’s Memory Monday (No: 21)

    1. Thanks John. As an early follower I guess you will have seen pretty much all I have done and therefore what is to follow. Hopefully some will be a nice reminder. For me it’s nice that a good few people are seeing them for the first time. Another plus is rekindling my enthusiasm for genre’s I no longer dabble in, for example, medieval. I have really got the bug to do more knights. 😊

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  1. Those are nice sculpts! I was looking at WWI sculpts on North Star miniatures since it seems to have as big of a selection as anyone but the pictures of the sculpts are to be frank, poor and you can’t tell how good the sculpts are. These look well worth painting and I will have to give this manufacturer a look!

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  2. Nice models, but I had a rather horrible experience with Empress. Backed their kickstarter for Modern Aussies, but they wanted me to fill in some fucking excel sheet pledge manager to tell them what I wanted and for add-ons, when I only wanted the exact thing I’d pledged for as described in the pledge levels – no changes or modifications. She then threatened to keep my money and send me nothing, and as the whole thing coincided with a bunch of much-more-important-real-life issues, I never got back to them and they never sent me my stuff. I tried to get in contact with them again later on down the line, but they ignored me and never responded.
    Bunch of fucking cunts, basically.

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      1. Yeah, I’d have attempted to get in contact with them again by phone (basically, one last chance before turning the whole thing into a post and smearing as best I can it all over the web) but with COVID being a thing currently, I’m being reasonable and waiting until this thing has panned out to whatever ends up happening.

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