Barons’ War – 28mm Footsore Miniatures (Knights No: 2)

Following on from my first “Barons War” post last week I have now completed a further four Footsore Miniatures.  Nothing much to say on these that wasn’t covered in the previous post.  I kept the idea of two colour tunics and quadrants along with freehand shield designs.

I still have a few other figures to do and have placed an order for some more with the aim of hopefully doing a couple of mini dioramas.

Images and a couple of group shots, icluding one of all nine figures, below.



DSC_0599 (1)DSC_0596 (2)DSC_0598 (2)DSC_0597 (2)DSC_0588 (5)DSC_0589 (5)DSC_0590 (3)DSC_0591 (4)DSC_0584 (5)DSC_0587 (5)DSC_0585 (4)DSC_0586 (4)DSC_0592 (4)DSC_0593 (4)DSC_0594 (3)DSC_0595 (3)

DSC_0600 (1)DSC_0601 (1)


16 thoughts on “Barons’ War – 28mm Footsore Miniatures (Knights No: 2)

  1. Really awesome work on these knights. They remind me of Bretonnians from Warhammer Fantasy which fills me with nostalgia since that army/faction is no longer made. I’ve been craving a project where I can practice my freehand skills and painting up some of these guys could be a good solution. Thank you for the inspiration as always! 🙂

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