Aina, Female Valkyrie – A 28mm Reaper Figure

Aina has been sitting in my to do pile for far longer than she deserved to be so this week I made a concentrated effort to get her done and dusted.  A search through my ever increasing pile of lead revealed that she is not the only figure to have been neglected.  In truth I do not need to buy another figure for at least 5 years based on my speed of painting but you know and I know that is never going to happen.  The buy list is as long as the to do list, perhaps longer.  Who am I kidding, it’s much longer.  I digress.

As you can see from the title, Aina is a Female Valkyrie.  A three part figure of high quality as typically produced by Reaper and a joy to paint.  The pose suggested to me that she should be based with an element of height.  A few slate chippings from the garden and a nice wood turned base from my neighbour Kerry and away you go.



DSC_0591 (3)DSC_0593 (2)DSC_0597 (3)DSC_0595 (2)DSC_0592 (3)

32 thoughts on “Aina, Female Valkyrie – A 28mm Reaper Figure

  1. She’s fantastic mate, love the richness of the colours and the way you’ve based her perfectly complements the pose. Funnily enough I too inventoried my “to-paint” pile recently and also came out at five years to paint the backlog (working at the current rate). Bit worrying, and proof that I’ve been far more profligate than I intended to when it comes to buying miniatures. Does this mean I’ll stop and just paint what I’ve got? Does it hell!

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      1. Ha, put me in the same boat as you two. I’m a gamer, but also adopting the erm…”painter” and “collector” title to explain away all that crap.

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  2. She’s great but her face is a little masculine. This is down to the sculpt not your painting. My plastic and lead pile is ridiculous to be honest. Question, do you wear glass and/or use some sort of magnifying device? I only ask because it never ceases to amaze me how well you paint faces. Incredible

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    1. The days when I could paint using my own eyesight are sadly long gone. These days I use one of these –

      The way I work is simple,if it looks good wearimg one of these then its going to look fine with the naked eye. What you need to remember is that your brush is magnified too!

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      1. Excuse me I’m a professional gardener and only do that sort of thing when the client isn’t home. Funny you mention hedges as I’ve just been watching a tutorial on how to make hedgerows hehe

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  3. Not sure why, but I assumed at first she was a metal mini. Though Reaper does have a few metal ones too, so small chance I’m not wrong.

    Painting looks superb as always. The few things on my mind are ‘Why is the tip of the spear so much lighter?’.
    It’s an interesting effect, which made me curious about the decision. What kind of gold paint are you using? As with minis, I’m always in need of more paint. Unh huh, sure!

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    1. Glad you like the mini. Well first up she is a metal one. I’m old school and rarely paint anything which isn’t. As she is holding the spear up to the heavens I thought I would make the tip lighter as if it was catching the light. Not entirely sure if it works but it was my thinking. As for the gold paint it is actually Brass, a Vallejo paint. It is duller than gold which sometimes I think is more appropriate.

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  4. This is an excellent paint job and my favorite Reaper sculpt you’ve painted yet. I’ve taken a bit of a liking to Norse-themed stuff due to playing the God of War video game so to see this Valkyrie really gets my attention, especially because I haven’t seen many Norse or even Viking sculpts that have the detail I’m looking to paint. This lass checks all the boxes so I will give Reaper’s line a look right after I hit Send! I also wanted to mention that wooden base is beautiful and suits this miniature really well. You really smashed this one, mate! 🙂

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    1. Thanks mate glad you like her. She is a very nice sculp and was a joy to paint. There are other figures out there but this is certainly one of the better ones I have found. You might want to check out Gripping Beasts if you haven’t done so they do some very nice figures too.

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      1. I took a look at Reaper’s site and I completely agree. Aina is far and away the best one. I’ve looked at Gripping Beast before but should probably give them another look to see if anything strikes my fancy 🙂 I’d probably have to get a larger unit of Norse warriors but that doesn’t bother me too much!

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  5. Really nice and the wood base is appropriate to the look I think. Having a supply of minis is insurance that you will live to paint them all, or at least that SWMBO will allow you to live long enough so she can make a profit selling them after you assume room temperature.

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