“Clyde” – 28mm Steampunk

This figure was part of a two figure set from Lead Adventure which was sold under the package name of “Bonnie and Clyde”.  When the figures arrived I really did not like the look of Bonnie at all.  Overall I think the sculpt was fine but something must have gone a miss with the casting because the face on the figure was a little out of sink and there really wasn’t anything I could do about it.  Consequently I decided to go just with Clyde which was by far the better of the two figures any way.

The website images show Clyde painted in white as befitting the real life charachter but as mine would have no Bonnie I chose to do my own thing completely.  I also went with an entirely knew base idea (for me at least) and set the figure on clear acrylic which I sunk a few watch parts into.  Overall I was pretty pleased with how the figure and the base turned out.



26 thoughts on ““Clyde” – 28mm Steampunk

  1. Lovely model mate and I particularly like how you’ve painted his pistol. I’m not sure why but your most recent posts are not showing in my feed. I’ve also had people tell me they’re not being notified via email when I’ve posted. WP is a little bit glitch y at the moment too so maybe they’re doing more tinkering behind the scenes.

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  2. Really nice mate, I do love the way you have put the stuff in the acrylic but what I would like to see is how you did it mate, so important for us that love to learn new tricks ! ( how I miss That show )

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  3. This really looks sharp! I like all of the gears on his base and the colors you choice are also excellent. While I always think of your historical work first, I’m starting to think of you more as a great Steampunk painter. Make of that what you will 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I’m going through a Steampunk phase at the moment having bought several figures some months ago. I have few more to do which I hope to finish in the next month or so. The plan then, such is there is one, is to work on a couple of dioramas over the winter months when the weather will be to wet to do much else. One is likely to be Old West based, the other very much Fantasy.

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      1. Those sound like great plans and I’ll be especially excited to see what dioramas you work on. I’m positive that your work on dioramas has finally inspired me to take the plunge on one myself 🙂

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