“The Scribe” – 28mm Other World Miniatures

As far as my miniatures go this week sees a different manufacture/supplier – Other World Miniatures.  If memory serves me correctly, and at my bloody age it’s doing well if it does, then this was the third of three figures I bought more than a year or so ago.  The other two were a Rat Catcher that featured in Miniatures and Musings No: 40 and a Medieval Knight which I used in a mini diorama entitled The Temptress.  For far to long this little chap has been sitting primed in the to do pile.

I do like figures which I consider have some charachter about them and this little chap falls into that category which is why he appealed to me at the time and still does.  All of which adds to the mystery of why it has taken me so long to get around to painting and basing him.  All in all a nice little two part casting where the arms and the book are a seperate piece to the main body.

I am reminded to take another look at the Other World website as I seem to recall they had some other very nice figures too.  But can I can  justify any new purchases?  Of course I can!


DSC_0661 (1)DSC_0662 (1)DSC_0663 (1)DSC_0664 (1)DSC_0665 (1)

26 thoughts on ““The Scribe” – 28mm Other World Miniatures

  1. Wow mate ,I wouldn’t have thought a guy with a book and some manuscripts would have ever have grabbed my attention ,but never say never !!Top marks again for something so simple!
    Oh mate , I have done the pour on the sea and it has turned out ok I think ,more reports when I venture out to the shed in the morning ,fingers crossed !

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    1. Haha, yea it’s funny how some figures can look good for no real reason. Very interesting to see how you have done the sea. I think I have settled on a way of doing mine based on something I saw on YouTube. Just waiting to get the bits to give it a go. Will be good to compare notes etc further down the line. 😊

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  2. The freehand on the book is top-notch! In my experience, that kind of painting is taken for granted because it looks easy but trying it even once makes you realize the skill it takes to paint writing in a book well. I also like the basing which makes it look like he is out in the wilderness taking notes on something. Excellent work all around on this guy and I think he is one of my favorites that you’ve done recently 🙂

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    1. Yea you’re right he’s shit! Haha, just my little joke following on from your recent podcast, see I do listen to it. Seriously what I do like about him is it shows me how far you have come on your painting journey. The quality of what you are doing these days is awesome by comparison. Now back to the piss take, glad I am getting a 2020 figure from you rather than a 2016 one. Your figure has been ordered by the way. Do you want 2020 or 2016 TIM finish?

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      1. Haha I had a feeling you’d notice the shift in quality. It really does come down to practice doesn’t it? Also, picking up a few tips and tricks from you old buggers too hehe. I’d actually like a 2017 TIM finish as thats when you were in your prime old mate haha. 😉Just jokes. You know I love all your work.

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