This week sees the last of the seven figures I bought from Twisted Miniatures – “Dodger”.  He comes from the Dickensian range and follows their take on the Charles Dickens classic “Oliver”.  An interesting little Steampunk version of the Artful Dodger himself.

I have enjoyed painting all of these figures.  They are highly detailed and with no uniform painting guide to follow they offer complete free range to paint as you see fit.  I do have my eye on more and in due course I am sure I will buy some.  The batch I bought came directly from Australia but I think now there maybe a UK distributor  which means they could work out a little cheaper.  When I bought these I got a 20% discount thanks to an offer and that was then spent almost to the penny paying customs duty!

Nothing I can really say about the figure itself but as he is sitting on a mono cycle for legs I thought a rough road for the base was the order of the day.



30 thoughts on “Dodger

  1. I hadn’t heard of this range before either, but I think I will pick some up once I get a few more models painted. I already have their Steampunk Dorothy figure but never knew it was part of a range.

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  2. It must be green time mate as Ive been checking out the green critters Wuda has been doing lately and the colours are pretty well similar! One thing is (just in my book) is if you are going to use a vibrant green like the two of you have it has to be contrasted with either charcoal or brown ! so well done mate on the waistcoat colour!!

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  3. He is one of the more wild sculpts in the range and you have to love the character he has. I like how you often use bold colors for your steampunk minis. His coat for example is striking and sets a nice mood for the mini. His face looks great as well which is no small accomplishment as I imagine that the details were quite small on this one!

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