TIM’s Angels

A fun little diorama/vignette to put together but a real pain in the arse to photograph.  My photographic skills are not good enough for such compact models and trying to get everything into focus in a single shot is simply beyond my skill level.  Accordingly the images are what they are but at least one of the three figures should be in focus in each image.

The figures themselves are all from the Statuesque Miniatures SCi-Fi range and are sold individually or at a slightly lower price for the set of three.  All the figures came in two to three parts but the quality of fit was excellent.  In fact I must say the figures were fantastic all round in terms of quality. 

I elected to go for a paint scheme along the lines of the website images because I thought the green looked rather cool.  Thereafter it was just a case of basing them.  As the figures came with broken masonry style bases I stayed with the urban type theme and just expanded the ground work accordingly.



26 thoughts on “TIM’s Angels

  1. Oh man, Charlie’s Angels tribute! Did you have a Farrah Fawcett-Majors poster back in the day? My younger brother did but it was in our room. Amazing that she’s long dead and the other two are in their 70’s. Great job on this dio, lots of action and great colors – love the green.

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  2. This is a great little scene and those minis do really work well together. As others have said the scene is so dynamic that it really comes to life. I think your ground work really fills the image out nicely as well and it would be easy to take that for granted and it shouldn’t be! 🙂

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      1. I really enjoy that part of the hobby as well. I’m always looking to get better at it (and I have a lot to learn!) but I couldn’t agree more that if the groundwork isn’t good, it can ruin a diorama all on its own so its worth the time time and effort!

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  3. Love the shade of green you have chosen Dave ,it works really well with cloud of the wooden bases, really good! I’m a bit knackered as I and the wife got up early and drove two hours up country to look at a house in the country that I have been watching for some time but due to the lock down we could not leave the city to view ,but the gods were smiling on us today and after looking around it we decided it was what the whole family required, f…k now I can relax and prepare for that other hurdle….. packing up all the bloody dioramas!!!

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  4. thanks mate I was going to post something but the virus has broken out in S.A. now and the boarder aren’t being opened so Tech adviser is still stuck there!! I said to the wife that we shouldn’t complain as your lot over there are getting pounded again! so keep yourself and the family safe mate as I know you being a sensible bloke would.

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