“Mo Joe” – 28mm Zombie Hunter

This figure is one I have had my eye on for a while but each time I went to order it along with some other Hasslefree figures it was out of stock.  Fortunately I finally managed to get my hands on him.  The figure actually goes by the name of “Joe” but I have chosen to call him “Mo Joe” on account of his Mohican haircut.

I decided to make Joe a Zombie Hunter and in order to convey the message decided to add a body to the base work.  I didn’t have room for a whole figure on the 25mm base so simply chopped him in half (a conversion!) and made some guts using cotton wool dipped in PVA which was then teased out a bit with tweezers.  A bit of blood around the head and on the bat and away you go.  Unfortunately the contrast in ground colours doesn’t seem to have come across quite so well in the photo’s as it does in the flesh so to speak.

As a patriotic Brit I elected to give Joe a Union Jack vest and was pleased with how the freehand came out.  Chuffed with that I set about trying to paint the upper part of a skull on the back of his jacket.  As a first attempt at a skull I was fairly pleased with that too but if I decide to do another at some point I’d like to think I might be able to do a little better.  To begin with I had no idea how to start painting it but after a little research managed to piece something together.  Certainly a lesson learnt for next time.  Finally I couldn’t resist the idea of a few colours for his barnet (that’s rhyming slang for hair for those of you outside the UK).

As I finish writing this I am looking at the photo’s on my very old laptop and the images don’t look that great.  Hopefully it is nothing more than the computer itself as the photo’s on my Samsung tablet looks absolutely fine, well to my blurry eyes at least.

Pictures of “Mo Joe” below.



27 thoughts on ““Mo Joe” – 28mm Zombie Hunter

  1. Love the Union Jack freehand, and the Mohawk is perfect. Never mind all the accouterments being sweet adds. I think I saw this guy in Brussels in 1982! And I immediately thought of this ditty https://youtu.be/cBojbjoMttI. Nice job – he’d be a good ally in the apocalypse. Hopefully if you sell him on eBay they won’t find him pc objectionable 😜

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  2. Good grief, is this a TIM conversion I see? What is the world coming to?! Looking great there, I especially like his hairdo and the skull on his jacket, I’ve tried freehanding a few skulls in my time and never got a result anywhere near that good, they’re tricky things to master aren’t they.

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    1. Haha, yes, cutting a figure in half was a lot easier than I thought, there’s nothing to this conversion game! πŸ˜‰ Glad you like the freehand and his hairdo. Practice is part of the key and right now something things are working out better than others. The biggest thing I have found is working out how to start. The secret seems to be to break an image down into basic shapes – circles, triangles, squares, etc – and expanding things from there. If I can work that out, which sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t, I can then make a start and then it’s practice and more practice. Great fun though and sometimes the results are very satisfying and a unique result is achieved. Not unlike converting. πŸ™‚

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  3. Its great to see you pushing your freehand skills and Joe came out great. I love how the base helps tell the story on this mini too. I’d imagine a crusty punk like Joe would do alright in the zombie apocalypse too πŸ™‚

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  4. Very nice. Trying to recall if the ever saw a punk with a rainbow Mohawk before. I’m sure I have. Anyways, nice work on that freehand skull and the mini overall. You always make denim look so damned real!

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