“Foster” – Taking the Mickey!

“Foster” is a 28mm Hasslefree figure which I feel certain is based on someone but not sure who.  My guess would be Kurt Russell but if I’m right then I am at a loss as to what film.  If anyone knows please tell me so I can then go “derrrrr!”  In any event it is a figure I like and in keeping with wanting to develop my freehand work felt this figure provided some opportunity.

T-Shirts and vests provide scope I think for all kinds of logos and images which is possibly the biggest reason why I like this figure.  The big question was what to do and how to do it?  Out of the blue I had a flash back moment and remembered my brother and I used to draw Mickey Mouse by drawing around old pennies for his head and half pennies for his ears.  Obviously that wasn’t going to work here but I was struck by the idea and determined to paint Mickey on his vest.  After checking on a few Google images I set about giving it a go.  A couple of progress photos are included below.

Once Mickey was done it was all about finishing the paint work.  In effort to try something different I settled upon another variant of camouflage trousers and was pretty pleased with how these turned out.  A few bricks and a splash of plant colour for the base and job done.




23 thoughts on ““Foster” – Taking the Mickey!

  1. Excellent color choices on this one, mate. I wouldn’t have thought a cold blue would look with good with Mickey Mouse but it works extremely well here. The freehand is excellent and maybe the best you’ve done. I like how you captured the “cartoony” style of Mickey Mouse as well. You really outdid yourself with this one πŸ™‚

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  2. Looks spot on. I’m glad someone pointed out which movie, because my brain was having a hard time figuring it out without the color of clothes he wore in the movie. I kept thinking of Escape from New York!


      1. That’s true, and it would have been sad to miss out on your freehand. I could totally imagine him wearing a white t-shirt with a rock band on it though. Now, that would be some freehand, egad!

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