“Lewis” – Zombie Hunter

“Lewis” is another Hasslefree figure which will come as no surprise to any of you given how much I love this range.  In my vision of an apocalyptic world I see Lewis as a Zombie beheader, I rather think the sizeable axe steered me in that direction!  Accordingly the base needed a Zombie head on it so there was nothing for it but another TIM conversion.  In this instance I took a sharp blade and cut the head from the body of a figure I had.  Feel free to follow me for more tips and in depth tutorials on figure conversion! 😂😂   

The figure itself conjured up an image for me of an apocolyptic IRO, albeit that the figure is a bit more butch.  So with that in mind I gave him a couple of arm tattoos and as a tribute to the fact that IRO is a gardener added some flowers to the base.

For the benefit of scale, and based on a comment Faust recently made, I have include an additional photo, something which I might do a little more often!




22 thoughts on ““Lewis” – Zombie Hunter

  1. Excellent work TIM, the camo and tats look great. The sculpt actually reminds me of the character played by Matthew McConaughey in the film Reign of Fire

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  2. Yup, he looks suitably no nonsense – if there’s a zombie apocalypse on the go he looks like exactly the kind of bloke I’d want to hide behind. Lovely work on the camo and the tats.

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  3. This is the perfect kind of post-apocalypse sculpt. He looks tough and mean enough to survive (just about anywhere really). I like the camo not only because of the patterns/shapes look great, but the colors match the rest of the mini and the basing extremely well. I can see you getting better and better as you paint these minis and it is always fun to see someone improving at their craft! 🙂

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  4. Ok, so where you get that 6’ tall bottle of Vallejo?! 😂

    Great job on the mini, the camo is really nice. Something I’ve yet to have to paint. I have some tats I’m supposed to do, but I keep stalling on them, as if I (likely) mess it up, the mini is going to be screwed!

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    1. Haha, well I won’t be running out of that colour for a while! Painting camo is something which I found easier than I thought it would be and any mistakes are easily covered up. The tats are pressure painting but if you mess things up you can always modify the design. 🙂

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