Borin Ironbrow – 28mm Reaper Dwarf Fighter

For the first time in quite a while I came close to missing a blog post.  Having been fully absorbed by my army project I became completely side tracked and suddenly Saturday was almost upon me and I had nothing to offer.  Fortunately I remembered that I had an almost completely painted dwarf which I had set aside and the day (well post in this case) was saved.  Ho-ray for dwarfs!

The figure in question, Borin Ironbrow by Reaper, was originally bought for my recent Diorama Lite post but in the end I decided to go with a different figure.  Although I liked the figure I didn’t think he was the right fit for my little diorama.  Now he has been lovingly given a little base of his own.

The figure is from the Reaper Dungeon Dweller range and is a very crisp and clean casting. Compared to some Reaper figures the level of detail is relatively plain but it was none the less a nice little one to do.

The biggest challenge was getting him completed in time for this post, a problem I think I will continue to experience with other figures which aren’t part of my army project. In an ideal world I would like to produce something each week for Diorama Lite on Monday, a mid-week figure for my medieval Knight army and a figure from another genre for my Saturday post. It is clear that balancing this through the spring and summer is going to be a challenge.  What this week has taught me though is that modelling and painting time is becoming stretched, mainly due to the time of the year and my release back into the wild following Covid lockdown.  Add into the mix my desire to do more and more on my army project and it is becoming clear that three posts a week is going to prove a significant challenge, at least until the return of the winter months.  For now I will continue as I am doing, if only to clear some of the lead pile, but I suspect blog changes are a foot.

Images of Borin below.



25 thoughts on “Borin Ironbrow – 28mm Reaper Dwarf Fighter

  1. Nice work once again there. I too have been struggling to keep up with my own self-imposed miniatures schedule recently. After painting that massive tower you deserve a break if you want one!

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    1. Cheers Dave. The desire is there which is good but emerging from a year of lockdown combined with better weather, all of which is most welcome, is eroding my hobby time. Hopefully I’ll find a balance before too long. 🙂

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  2. I hope you find a balance that suits you. Having a blogging schedule is nice, but it’s important not to have a plan become a straitjacket. I post by project, and if I kept your blogging schedule I’d get less done (though admittedly my posts are not short – but I never claimed to be terse or pithy). I know you’ll figure out something that will be just fine. As for Borin (not Morin) I think he’s awesome. The soft details here are the best, and I think you’ve done your traditional excellent execution across the model here. Definitely like the beard and metalwork.

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    1. Cheers Mark, glad you like the little chap. From memory I think I introduced the third weekly post around the time of lockdown when I suddenly had so much more time. With things easing I suspect the way forward will be to drop down to two once again, even if that’s only for the spring and summer months. I’ll soldier on for now though but suspect something will have to give.

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  3. I hear you brother! My wife said something to me the other day that made me laugh, her boss at work asked her if she would do some more hours over the next few weeks, she said yes but couldn’t do Wednesday afternoon as we have the food delivery come and she has to go round to her Mum’s with her bits and pieces along with a couple of other things, “Oh yes , it’s a pain when life gets in the way of work” her boss replied! How sad are some peoples lives!!!!

    I am finding the exact opposite at the moment, oh to be able to return to the heady days of lockdown (preferably without a pandemic of course). Just remember it’s a hobby not a job, and once it feels like a job it’s no longer a hobby. I’m sure you strike a balance.

    Lovely work as always on the Dwarf, even with the plain (for you) shield 😉.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Cheers Roger. Some people are unreal aren’t they? Agree completely about a hobby becoming a job. It sounds like the wrong thing to say but I’ve loved lockdown but I suspect I am not alone at now having to adjust to the latest phase. On the positive side at least I might be able to spend some time at shows in due course. 🙂

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  4. Great work on the dwarf Tim, can see why you didn’t use him for the dio-lite as it wouldn’t have fit as well, unless he was smashing through the door ! LOL
    Hope you find the right balance for you

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  5. Really nice Dwarf. I like the vibrant colors. Great work! Well, we might be heading towards lockdown again. They just closed up restaurants, because the numbers in our state are rising. I’m sure things will get even worse when they force all kids to go back to school in Fall. It’s just been a mess.

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  6. Dwarves are better than elves but only just haha. Love what you’ve done with the little fella though mate. A lot of character. I’ve clearly missed a lot, what’s the army thing you’re banging on about?

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    1. Seriously mate you need to get your priorities right! 😉 I’ve decided to paint a medieval army. I’m looking at a minimum of 100 figures but think I might push it to 200 if I don’t get to bored. Just need an ongoing project that I don’t have to think about too much while I decide where to go after that. 🙂 The figures will all be from the Footsore Baron’s War range.

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  7. Its always nice to see a dwarf get painted up and this is quite a nice sculpt from Reaper too. His beard and face came out nicely and I like the weathering on the cloak as well. This is a job well done and I have to admit, I take your regular blogging for granted but not after this post. It really is work and you have to be disciplined to keep it up so I commend you for posting twice week for as long as you have 🙂

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