Foot Knights with Two Handed Weapons

Not the catchiest blog post title I’ll be the first to admit but what we do have here is the last of four figures which collectively comprise the Footsore Baron’s War “Foot Knights with Two Handed Weapons Pack 1”.

No name for this knight at present but maybe I’ll make one up at some point.  I kept the paint job on this one plain and simple and went for a shield with a design called a “Pall”. In addition to images of the one missing knight I have also added a couple of images of the four knights in this pack together, my first group shot of any sort since starting the project.  




20 thoughts on “Foot Knights with Two Handed Weapons

  1. He certainly looks ready to take a swing at someone or something! The shield looks really nice and unique compared to previous shields too. Great job as always on these knights. Its a joy to see you complete each one 🙂

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