Baron’s War Foot Sergeant

Not the most exciting figure but things have rather caught up with me.  It was my mums 90th birthday and my brother and his wife came to stay for several days along with his son and daughter.  Add to the mix my son and daughter and their respective partners and we had a house full staying.  Accordingly I was told in no uncertain terms by She Who Must Be Obeyed that under no circumstances was I allowed to paint!  Had I not been been married for almost 40 years and acquired the ability to lie and conceal my modelling addiction I may well have gotten nothing done at all.  As it was I did manage to paint my first figure from the “Foot Sergeants with Spears” pack.  

Now I can’t say I know a great deal about medieval Sergeants but Wayland Games describes them as follows:

“Throughout the middle ages and into the renaissance the majority of armies were compromised of infantry armed with spears and shields, or crossbowmen. Although the majority were peasants with little to no armour, there was a professional solider core that was more heavily armed and armoured. Equipped with Chain mail armour and steel helmets these soldier made up the backbone of the many armies that fought in this tumultuous period”.

I’m sure there is a lot more to be learnt about these and many other fighting men of the period and I really must make more of an effort to investigate and read more.  As to this little figure he clearly fits within the category of being a more professional fighting man given how he is equipped.

A straight forward paint job with an emphasis on blue to add a little colour amongst the more drab figures I have done of late.  A freehand cross on the shield was added to provide a little more interest.

Images below.




28 thoughts on “Baron’s War Foot Sergeant

  1. That is a really dynamic mini! Even more credit for doing so under “strenuous” conditions 😉 I am about as bad as you when it comes to not letting much stop me from painting. I might be lucky I’m getting married at all considering my stubbornness! 😀

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  2. Nice work on this lad Dave, neat work on the shield again, I am trying a bit harder with the free hand but I don’t think it would matter as any fine work would be lost in the melee !! My belated regards to your wonderful mum on attaining such a young age!

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    1. Thanks Pat. Freehand is rewarding when it comes off but of course practice followed by more practice is the key as you know and there is much more of that to be done on my part. I reckon practicing on your figures would be a good move. Yes, the detail might be lost in the melee to start with but in time you can place them at the front or most appropriate space and blow our minds even more! Yes, my mum is doing very well but my dad is coming up to 95 and doing even better! Both quite remarkable.

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