Sir James Langley (28mm Mounted Baron’s War Knight)

After allowing myself to get side tracked by painting “Hubert de Burgh” last week I was determined that this week would see another 28mm mounted Baron’s War knight completed.  This little chap is a made up knight, which is to say the heraldry is not one I have come across but one I have made up.   If it does exist out there then it is purely a coincidence as far as I am concerned. 

Although it was made up it was inspired by other images I have seen.  The light blue and yellow colour combination I have seen used before and rather like it and the cross hatching, albeit in a different way, I have also seen used a good many times.  From a painting perspective it represented a nice challenge and overall I’m pleased with it even though some of the squares aren’t quite as even as I would like but that’s something I can work on when I next undertake a square pattern. 

As already mentioned this is a made up knight and therefore in need of a made up name.  On a previous figure I referred to my family tree for inspiration and decided I would do this once again.  In this instance I elected to go with my maternal great grandfather’s name, James Newton Langley.

Images of Sir James below.





33 thoughts on “Sir James Langley (28mm Mounted Baron’s War Knight)

  1. I’ve closely analysed all the pictures and noticed five of the small squares on the horse where the difference between the lengths of the opposite sides is over 100microns, so you really do need to try harder next time round! 😉 Apart from that it looks pretty damn good really! 🙂 One of my favourites I think!

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  2. Now that is some fine crosshatching. I love the color scheme as well. Its bright but also a bit worn looking as I imagine most knights looked by the time they made it to the Levant. Great work as always, mate and I look forward to seeing what’s next!

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