Sir Edgar De Grun

I thought I’d try something new this week in respect of heraldry and decide to have a go at painting a stags head on one of my Footsore Baron’s War knights shields.  I wasn’t sure how authentic it would be in an historical sense but I figured it might look quite cool.  The thing is I’m not a natural artist, I can’t just do something like a stags head without the need for some very easy reference material to copy from.

My default position is to revert to YouTube and see what I can find.  A search under “easy animal drawings” threw up several ideas aimed at five year olds and I settled on a combination of two very short but very good video’s.  The first video showed how to draw the head of a Doe, a deer, a female deer (there’s a song in there somewhere) and the second gave me the idea for the antlers.  Essentially all I had to do was draw a basic triangle and flesh things out from there.  Simples!  And as it turned out it did prove pretty simple much to my surprise and on top of that I was pleased with the end result too.

As this was another made up knight I needed to give the little chap a name.  My uncles christian name is Edgar and a good friend of mine has the surname Edgar and as I felt it had a certain medieval feel to it I settled on that with the Grun being a germanic play on Green.

Black over white is always a good combination in my book for easier touching up so I went with that colour combination and added a couple of white lines at the bottom of his surcoat to break things up a bit.

lmages of Sir Edgar De Grun below.




24 thoughts on “Sir Edgar De Grun

  1. I don’t believe that story for a minute! You went down to the local pub, The Stag’s Head, got completely blotto and challenged yourself to paint the pub sign on some poor knight’s shield! Just as well you didn’t go to the Coach & Horses! 😉
    Mind you, it’s come out very nicely, and looks good in black and white! 🙂

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  2. I don’t believe for a second that this was “pretty simple” to paint – my ego won’t allow it because it looks bloody tricky to me! If your hands are steady enough to paint that you’d have made a fine sniper – the field of assassination’s loss has been our gain. 😉

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    1. Not being hard just honest really. YouTube is brilliant and there are some great artists on there who can break things down to make attempting things so much easier. Some things look easy and are anything but and oddly some things which look difficult turn out to be far easier than you might think. It’s a funny old world! Maybe I’ll do a post on freehand and what I’ve learnt. Not an expert by any means but much more confident to try things.

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  3. Wow, that is fantastic! A stag is a good “symbol” to use for heraldry and this shield looks really, really good. You’re improving shield by shield with your freehand it seems like. I can’t wait to see what else you’ve got up your sleeve! 🙂

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