Richard The Lionheart, King of England

Another week, another Footsore Baron’s War knight and another opportunity for some freehand painting.  This weeks offering is Richard The Lionheart, King of England.  The figure comes as a twin pack, the other figure being mounted and in a slightly different pose with his helmet on.  I think I might start on the mounted version sooner rather than later but look at doing the freehand heraldry a bit different. 

For some reason I couldn’t get the shield to photograph as well as I’d like.  Not enough of a photographer to understand why but the end result is reflective light so the three lions do not show up as well as they look in the flesh.  My best guess is that it is down to the metallic paint.  Gold was appropriate to use but maybe a yellow would have photographed better?  It is what it is.

Images below.




31 thoughts on “Richard The Lionheart, King of England

  1. Great work on the King TIM, it seems to be the curvature of the shield causing a bright line all the way through the shield, as it shows up heavily in the red as well, afraid I can’t offer a fix as my photography skills aren’t great.

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  2. Awesome work, the red is beautifully done and the heraldry is once again amazing.

    I too get issues with too much light reflecting off minis, even when they’ve had a coat of matte varnish. The curve of his shield probably doesn’t help.

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  3. Looks awesome mate, I can’t get Brian Blessed in Black Adder out of my head though when I look at it! WHAT!!!!

    I too think its the curvature of the shield that’s’ buggering up the photo’s but I’m really not one to help or judge!

    Cheers Roger.

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  4. This is a big one, mate! Richard was so pivotal in the Crusades and to be frank, he was a savage and merciless on the battlefield. I love how you’ve painted him up and the lions are excellent. I’m excited to see how you paint the mounted version. Using different heraldry should look awesome!

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  5. Really nice, Dave! 🙂 I do like the pose/dynamic of the figure, along with the heraldry of course! I could add that I think the shine is caused by the curve of the shield, but that’s only ’cause I read that above and actually don’t have a clue (well, that’s what my wife says)! 😉

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    1. Thank you. Little John I’ve done and posted, you might have missed him. Not sure about Prince John, will need to check but the Sherif comes out in the third kickstarter which is due for release in about a months time I think. There is certainly scope to keep this project going if I want to that’s for sure. 🙂

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  6. Cannot add more here except that I really like the option of having a both mounted and dismounted figure of the same individual. That really helps in certain games. As for the color issue, maybe a different filter or a photoshop application?

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  7. I seem to have missed a few posts there, but I’m enjoying a bit of catching up now. 🙂 I was wondering who you would have as the general in command of your army – who better than the king (especially the Lionheart himself!)? 

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  8. bugger me mate !! it dosn’t pay to fall behind! I was just digesting you last great figure and you go and whip me with another great one,I do like his pose though. Its good that you still have that steady hand! Every time I go to do some fine work my bloody hand suddenly start to shake even though I have done a dry run beforehand!!!

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  9. Wow, how did i miss this model? Beautifully done.

    As for the glare, i think you actually need MORE light, but from multiple angles to was out the glare effect. My pics suck, but mostly because my phone sucks. Circle light, light boc, extra lights, pics still suck, lol.

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