Sir James Kimber

Back in June (where did the summer go?) I painted up this Footsore Baron’s War figure with a bit of freehand painting on the shield to depict a knight by the name of Sir John De Belloows.  At the time I did it I thought I’d quite like to have another bash at the heraldry at some point and over the last week I finally got around to doing so.


I decided this time that I would have a go at applying the heraldry to a mounted knight.  I also chose to go with a different colour scheme, yellow instead of white, and a slightly different design.  As you can see there isn’t much to choose between them other than the head really.  Having done three paint jobs of the Eagle(?) – two at the back of the horse and one on the shield – I couldn’t be asked to do two at the front of the horse so I went for crosses instead.  Lazy I know.

I really have no idea if there is a real knight with anything close to this heraldry, if there is then it is purely coincidence on my part.  Accordingly the knight was in need of a name so once again I returned to my family tree for inspiration and thus settled on the name of my great grandfather, James Kimber.

Images of Sir James  below.



36 thoughts on “Sir James Kimber

  1. Very nice, Dave! 🙂 Sensible move not painting the eagles on the forward quarters – it’d be too easy to compare the front and rear ones on each side and make it more difficult to get a result you’d be happy with, so opting for crosses makes it a lot simpler. That said, the eagles do look really good! In some cases I’ve seen in the past, the heraldry at the rear on the horse is not always repeated at the front anyway (not that I’m any sort of authority on this mind you).

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    1. Thanks for that John, what you say makes sense so I’ll go with that in future rather than explain it away as laziness! Having looked at a good many images you are right about the heraldry often being different at the front and back. What I don’t know either is why and if there are proper combinations. Something else to look into as and when. 🙂

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  2. Ah it’s the Bundesadler! Germany has conquered the isle, if not directly, but via heraldry! Even the background color is the same! 😉 Really dig it! Also love the other knight, I’m still looking to purchase for myself, you’ve done a lovely job making him look like he would fit right into the Teutonic order.

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  3. Sorry for the belated comment this time around! This guy looks fantastic. You can’t go wrong with yellow and black and I like how you dirtied up the yellow as well. I don’t know if any knights had it but seeing this makes me want to see someone with a raven or crow heraldry. I think that would look pretty cool and fit the personality of some knights pretty well too 🙂

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