Sir Frederick Joselyne

When I first set out on my Footsore Baron’s War army project I worked out the ratio of foot figures to mounted figures with the intention of working to it so that all the figures would be completed roughly at the same time.  Doing a quick count up the other day it was clear that I had advanced far more with the foot figures than I had with the mounted knights.

There are many reasons, excuses if you prefer, as to why this has happened but time has been by far the biggest.  On occasions time has been limited and I have preferred to pick up and paint to completion a foot figure in preferance to starting a mounted figure which will require work over several days.  That said I needed to address the balance as and when and with a bit more time available just recently I have tried to focus on the mounted knights.

I rather like the yellow and blue colour combination and elected to use it once again.  I’ve yet to discover a real knight that used this combination with a white cross, not that I have researched that hard but the colour combination and the blazon, in this case the cross, do appear from what I can determine to be authentic heraldry.  In need of a name I once again delved into my family tree (so glad I thought to do this) and elected to go with my maternal Great Great Grandfather Frederick Joselyne.

The paint job on this one was pretty straightforward as were the freehand crosses as I’ve had a lot of practice on these and done quite a few now.  The only real challange was getting all the crosses to be roughly the same size.

Images of Sir Fred below.



26 thoughts on “Sir Frederick Joselyne

  1. I agree with IRO in that I like the muted yellow and blue colors on this one! As with previous minis, having a tribute to your family makes them all the better in my book too. As far as getting more of on-foot ones done, that makes sense to me. There’s twice as much to paint on the mounted ones! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, some colours do go together better than others and I really think they work here which is nice. Foot figures are certainly quicker to paint, only the shield is the real challenge but the horses on the other hand take an age pending how complex you go. Fun though if you get it right. 🙂

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  2. Fi Said to say hello mate! she is now settling into work and hopes to get the tiny house position dug out soon, she apologizes that she hasn’t put up much on the blog. I have to agree with you blog son in regards to the muted yellow, the dirty ,dusty look goes so well that particular shade of blue, well done again mate!

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