Saturday Knight!

Time this week has been at a premium.  As you read this I am on my way to Oxford with She Who Must Be Obeyed taking She Also Thinks She Should Be Obeyed to the start of her new life at University.  As expected anxiety levels for us all have gone through the roof in the lead up to this dramatic change in our lives and as such modelling has had to very much take a back seat.  I did however mange to just about get something together for this post and get another figure underway which hopefully I’ll get finished in time for next Wednesday.  Time will tell of course.

What I managed to get done was another foot knight and one which I kept simple on every front.  No deliberation on colour scheme, plain white was good enough.  No fancy name given to the figure and therefore no proper title for this post either, although I did indulge in a bit of basic freehand for the shield.  Not entirely sure where the idea of a castle turret came from but it works of a fashion and is different to anything else I have done. 

Next on the agenda is my dad’s 95th birthday next week which will further restrict what I can get done but hopefully, fingers crossed, things might settle down a little after that.  Then I really need to take stock of where I am and where I’m heading as right now I haven’t got a clue!

Images of the knight with no name below. 


DSC_0127 (1)DSC_0128 (1)DSC_0129 (1)DSC_0126 (1)

34 thoughts on “Saturday Knight!

  1. Subtly mentioning that your daughter is going to Oxford, I like it! Best of luck to her, she’ll be running the country in no time. Happy birthday to your dad as well, and of course very nice work on the Saturday Knight (fever!). 

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  2. Curses! Wudugast beat me to it, but “Saturday Knight Fever” would have been an excellent title for the post, given that “Once a king, always a king, but once a knight’s enough” is a bit long winded! Nice mini, the simple colour scheme works well. Hope things go well for all family members concerned.

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  3. Saturday Knight at the movies… who cares what picture you see… That’s the song lyric that came to mind. You must be so proud of your daughter mate. Happy Bday to my hobby grandad too 😉
    Love the figure as always mate.

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  4. Oxford is a wonderful accomplishment and I wish you all the best during this time of transition. The knight looks great and don’t sweat having to slow down your painting time either. I’m sure you’ll bounce back soon enough! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it is quite something to go there, just hope she settles and it works out for her as it is such an opportunity. As for the painting all is well and some slight adjustments due to numerous circumstances will soon get me back on track hopefully. 🙂

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  5. Wow Dave, busy ,busy, that’s good news in regards to the Apprentice SWMBO, I have a feeling she will do very well at university, I also feel you might miss her an itsy bitsy bit! Best regards to your Dad, ninety five is quite an achievement! and I’m with Roger on the knight, he does look familiar!

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  6. The knight looks great TIM, the castle tower, is actually a common heraldry piece, my mum’s side of the family coat of arms, had the tower flanked by two rampant lions flanking it.
    Hope your daughter settles into Uni life quickly, and your dad has an excellent birthday

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  7. “Sir Somebody of Oxford” perhaps…just to serve as a reminder of the both the events and the date. 🙂

    Even your quickly painted efforts are better than my more deliberate time consuming efforts.

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  8. Oxford? Prestigious as it can get! University-life is sooo much fun (just one paper after another for no pay and to hope someone gives you a slightly better than average mark on it. :’) )

    I like the knight btw. Just saying. He’s really well done with his little castle on his shield.

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