Scale Model World – IPMS Telford – Sunday

Thankfully I had a better night’s sleep although this was largely due to consuming more beer than the evening before.  Fortunately I manged to avoid any sort of hangover and got up on time.  The main aim for getting into the show early was to take photo’s while it was quiet.  As an IPMS member you get an hour head start over the general public so as soon as arrived I took the photo’s which all appear below.  I will keep them attached to this post for as long as I can but as they will make a big dent in my WordPress capacity I will delete them at some point.  If previous years are anything to go by then there will be plenty to see on YouTube for those who are interested.  As and when I may include some links in future posts.

Next up was “Tea and Medals” and as several of you guessed it was the Wizard’s Tower which won me the Best In Show Diorama.  Hopefully during the week I’ll get a further post done with more details about the competition and the fate of the models I entered.

A spot of lunch followed by a few more essential purchases (potential Christmas presents for SWMBO!) and then it was all about packing up, loading the car and starting the long drive home.  I had planned to spend another night in Telford but SWMBO rang to tell me the washing machine had broken and a replacement was coming on Monday so I needed to be home to take out the old one and install the new one so I drove back after the show.

All in all a great weekend.  I met some great people, talked hobby stuff, drank, ate and generally had a good time.  Fingers crossed for more of the same next year.  The images below will hopefully provide a flavour of the show and the range of models on display.





29 thoughts on “Scale Model World – IPMS Telford – Sunday

  1. And I thought you spoiled us last post with photos! Thanks for uploading all of these, mate. Its really neat to see all kinds of different work. There truly is a little something for everyone at these kind of shows 🙂

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    1. Yes you are spot on, there is something there for everyone and loads and loads of it too. The venue is huge and the Two day event is run at the same time of the year so if you plan a trip to the UK at some point be sure to factor it in. 🙂.

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  2. Obviously, this is an impressive show of very talented modelers putting out some amazing work. Thanks for sharing all the photos – and for the WordPress data sacrifice. I just went through each and was wowed. Even better, was getting to see your work recognized for what we all know it it – great art. Thanks Dave for sharing and big congrats to you. And I know you will go onward and upward!

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