Grizzly Attack (Part 1)

We have all done it.  We’ve had a plan but for one reason or another it has gone out of the window.  There are various reasons why this happens, one of which is a new model catches your eye which is so good you just have to buy it and make and paint it as soon as it arrives.  Such was the case here.

Notwithstanding the fact that I have plenty to do I found myself looking at some 54mm Romeo Models.  To be fair it started as nothing more than a browsing exercise and ended up with an expensive purchase.  The model in question simply screemed “buy me!” and I duly obliged.  A few days later it arrived in the post and work on it began.

Essentially there are three main components, albeit that each one comprises of several parts to be assembled.  The kit is all white metal and inevitably one of the first steps after assembly was to apply some filler.  Once done I made a start on some basic base work.  The base is a simple affair but I have plans to beef it up a bit in due course.

One of the three main components is a horse and this is where I started.  It has been quite a while since I have painted a 54mm model and whenever I do paint one I use oil paints over acrylics.  I needed to remind myself how I painted in this way, it had been that long!

For anyone asking “why oils?” The answer is a simple one.  Oils are so much easier to blend and blending is, in my opinion, essential when painting larger figures.

So far I have managed to get a lot of the horse done and progress images appear below.  I have the reins to get done but that won’t happen until the rider is mounted.  There is some more paint work to do too and doubtless there will be some touching up as well but the horse is now in situ which will make it a little easier to work on and allow me to do a little further base work.



26 thoughts on “Grizzly Attack (Part 1)

    1. Thank you. As I just replied to John the base will have to change a bit to hide how the horse is fixed although that’s not obvious in these pictures. As for oils I pretty much use them entirely on 54mm stuff but am out of practice these days!

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  1. Stunning job on the horse, sir, and I although I don’t use oils myself I can see what you mean about them being easier to blend. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see your progress on this!

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  2. It looks great. And you are right the oils have blended nicely around the socks.

    I can’t wait to see the rider to try and work out if the horse is rearing or rather shying away from something on the ground.

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  3. This is very impressive indeed. I’ve never painted anything at 54mm, it looks intimidating but you’ve really made great use of the bigger canvas. Looking forward to seeing the finished article. πŸ™‚

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