Grizzly Attack (Part 3 – Final)

This week was all about getting the third and final part of this model completed, specifically the cowboy. 

As in the past when I have painted mounted 54mm figures I find them a pain in the arse to paint.  I never seem to be able to hold them in away which works for me and this one was no exception.  Having said that I got there in the end and overall I was pleased with the result.  With the painting finished but for some dry brushing and weathering he was duly mounted on the horse.   The next step was the one I never look forward too, painting and fixing the reins in place.   This proved tiresome but in the end I got there.

The dry brushing and a little weathering was applied before the bear was fixed into position and then my attention moved to the base.  Although I liked the base it didn’t work with the horse and the way it was pinned.  Basically the horses hooves were to high above the ground and building the ground up around them would have looked odd in my opinion.  I don’t have a picture to show you what was wrong so you will have to take my word for it that it didn’t look right!  I pondered how to get around this and in the end settled for putting down some splashing water.  Initially I was pleased with the outcome but now as I look at the images I think I added to much white to the mix.  The only way to resolve that would be to strip it back and I don’t have the appetite for that right now so I’m calling it done.

Overall I’m happy with this one and it was no bad thing getting back into using oils for a while, however, much to my surprise I really didn’t enjoy painting in 54mm scale again.  After doing so many figures in 28mm/32mm I found this too big.  I won’t close the door and say never again but I think you could be looking at the last 54mm figure I ever do … maybe!

Images below.




36 thoughts on “Grizzly Attack (Part 3 – Final)

  1. This is bloody fantastic Davey. The face on the cowboy is extraordinary as are the eyes on the horse. I love the action in this piece but the stoic calmness in the cowboys face really tells us that this isn’t his first tangle with a bear. Very cool indeed.

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    1. Thank you. I think I’ve done so many 28mm figures that I’d forgotten just how different the painting style has to be on 54mm. It took what seemed like ages to get back into it. As I have so much 28mm stuff planned I think next time around, if there is one, will take even longer and I’m not getting any younger!

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  2. Looks good but I understand the change of scale changes the feel of painting. I sometimes do that to help keep me interested – but you have to feel the scale to enjoy it. Still great results there on this one imo

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  3. This is a really nice looking scene! I think all three subjects are well positioned and I like the water on the base a lot as well. The cowboy looks excellent as usual.

    I can definitely imagine that 54mm are hard to hold as you paint. That is one thing that I don’t enjoy about larger models (even ones in 28mm!). Glad you got this one done successfully and the results speak for themselves. I’ll be curious to see if you really do “retire” from 54mm or not too 🙂

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  4. You’ve really pulled off a fantastic scene here Dave. I love it and selfishly would love to see more of this scale from you – but I love the 28mm stuff too so it’s all good. This is exceptional – but as a suggestion I would take a look at the first pic you shared as there is a pencil line on the plinth and some overflow of the water or glue on the top. Now, I only mention it as you referred to the Telford judge pointing out a 1/8″ mold line – and as this is so good – no I believe I wrote FANTASTIC – that I am rooting for another series of Golds for you, and as a huge fan of yours, I’m rooting for you there, and this deserves that recognition at Telford. Merry Christmas buddy!

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    1. Thanks Mark and a good spot on the base blemishes. Easily rectified and will be. Not sure if this will be a Telford piece or not, depends largely on what else I get done between now and then and how I rate and compare them. Will certainly be a club entry for its annual competition n January that’s for sure. Have a great Christmas to mate and looking forward to catching up after the festivities. 🙂


  5. I have fallen so far behind mate but like I binged on IRO’s pod I’ll now binge on you fine work!!!
    Gosh mate you have come up trumps on this one in my humble opinion, the water seems like it was a good idea !!

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