Dio-Bolical Monday No: 26 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 4”

I ended last weeks post (Part 3) by targeting myself to get tier 2 of The Mill done.  No small order as it turned out given that it was the week before Christmas and included Christmas Day and Boxing Day in it.  As it turned out I had more free time on my hands than I could possibly have anticipated and I managed it with a minimum of fuss.  Knowing the colour schemes helped greatly.  I just needed to sit down, mix paints, put something on to watch or listen to and start painting.  Oh, and make sure the 2nd tier when put on top of the first blended well from a colour perspective.

As promised I don’t intend to bore you by repeating everything about the colours, technique or paints used as that was all covered in a previous post and there was nothing different on this level so we can just jump to the images.  The photo’s also include some of the second level on top of the base level.

You can see from the photo’s that the colour scheme is pretty dark.  This is deliberate for two reasons.  Firstly, the era is the Dark Ages and therefore it feels appropriate to reflect that.  Secondly, my hope is that when the figures are painted, especially the mounted knights, they will look all the more vibrant.  Of course only time will tell if any of this works but at least it’s a plan.



19 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 26 – “Death & Taxes: The Earls Visit – Part 4”

  1. Its coming together nicely, mate. You made a lot of progress on this project in short order too. Looking forward to seeing more as you’re really capturing that Dark Ages look thus far!

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