Messing About With Realistic Water … Again!

In my last post I mentioned that I had plans to do a model using a canoe as the basis of the small diorama I had in mind.  Well the figures arrived earlier in the week and work is underway.  A few companies do 28mm scale canoes with figures but I settled on buying one from “Black Powder” care of  They do a few different figure options but I decided to go with the Frontiersmen as per the image below.


The figures are white metal, the canoe plastic.  I had planned to do some selective amputation to the arms to change the poses slightly but the figures appear to be a bit smaller than 28mm (nearer to 25mm).  As even basic sculpting is not an area of strength I have decided to leave them alone and simply position them in the canoe as best I can.

Base work is under construction using some tried and tested methods and a few pictures of current progress appear below.  Key to my design is the sloping base which I bought cheaply online (I really must start looking at making more of my own bases).  The idea I have in mind is for the canoe and its occupants to be riding the rapids.  Getting my head around how to add realistic water to a slope is the next challenge but I have a few ideas to trial so we will see how that works out.


Certainly doesn’t look great but am feeling confident that it will all come together!!!

In the meanwhile a few additional photo’s relating to my previous post as requested by IRO!












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