Messing About with Realistic Water … Again! (Part 2)

Progress on my canoe diorama continues albeit slower than I’d like.  As a modeller I have a reasonably high degree of patience but the time it takes for this stuff to dry is testing.  As a consequence I am able to share some more progress images but the final model is still a little way off.  Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be there.

Not much to report on the ground work side of things.  The tree and river bed foundations follow tried and tested methods and have been covered in previous posts so I wont bore people by repeating myself.

Although the pictures below don’t show it the tree is now complete and the canoe and figures have been painted.  The problem is that the diorama is on a slope and taking photos are a little tricky while I’m still waiting for the water to set.

While I’ve been waiting for the Realistic Water to dry so I can work with it more I decided to paint a 28mm Greek hoplite.  Not really my historical period of interest but thought I’d have a go at something different for a change.  The figure is from 1st Corps and a very impressive casting it was too.  They have a good range but deal more with Ancients.  I have yet to decide whether or not to paint a few more of these chaps or not and even if I do not entirely sure how to present them.  No doubt I’ll think of something.  Not entirely happy with the completed figure.



Watching Realistic Water dry is boring to say the least.  Next time I will have to see what other products are out there.  In the meanwhile a Greek hoplite which has no baring on this diorama whatsoever!!




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