The Last Of The Mohicans – 28mm Diorama – Part 1

I wasn’t intending for this to be my post for this weekend but my recent posts on How To Make Fir Trees along with my Magua Model seemed to go down well so I thought I would keep with the “Last Of The Mohicans” theme while it felt topical.

As mentioned previously, the Last of the Mohican figures I bought comprised a set of six of the films characters.  Having already used the Magua figure the aim of this little diorama is to feature the other five.

Before deciding bow best to present the five figures I thought it would be best to sit down and watch the film once again.  It was a struggle but in the interest of research I put aside a number of chores that She Who Must Be Obeyed had left on a list for me to do as I figured these could wait.  Besides, most of the list consisted of “domestic” jobs and I’m strictly “maintenance”.

I decided that the most fitting theme would be to portray the figures walking in line along the side of a river against a back drop of rocks and trees.  There is a scene along these lines in the film although it also features Major Duncan Heyward who isn’t included in the set of figures.  I suspect I could have found a suitable figure if I searched hard enough but as my diorama wasn’t intended to be a wholly accurate portrayal I thought better of it.

The base was built up using foam board to provide height which was then clad using slate chippings from my garden drive. Similar chippings along with smaller stones and grit were used to construct the river bed.  The fir trees still need to be dressed and have therefore not yet been permanently fixed in place yet.

Next up will be working on the figures, completing the trees, painting the base work and applying the water effects.  All being well part 2 of this project will see the model in its completed state and hopefully I will get to post images of it next weekend.

In the meanwhile some progress pictures below.



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