The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 3)

Welcome to this weeks Musings.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear TIM, Happy Birthday to you!

This month, the 22nd to be precise, sees the first anniversary of The Imperfect Modeller blog.  It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by and even harder to comprehend that I’ve managed to keep the thing ticking over and gain some followers along the way.

I’ve no desire to get all slushy and sentimental but I must at this point single out IRO, not that the rest of you that follow me aren’t inportant (more on that in the second musing in just a moment) because you are but he was my first follower and although he had no way of knowing he started doing so at a time when I was thinking of calling it a day.  I wont embarase him further as I suspect he is a stereotypical Australian, which is to say he can crush cans of Fosters with his eye lids, surfs on the backs of Great Whites and particpates in weekly bar brawls (notice how I didnt mention modelling for fear it might not be macho enough!).

So, to IRO and indeed to the rest of you thank you for your interest, your “likes” and your “comments”, they all help to inspire and motivate me to being a better but “not perfect modeller”.

This Time Next Year I Wont Be a Millionaire!

In the lead up to Christmas I received a newsletter email from Wayland Games, Europes biggest game store,  which carried an advert asking if anyone wanted to blog for them to get in touch.  After some initial thought, and spurred on by my plans to retire later this year, I thought I would express an interest.

Now I’m not under any illusions.  I’m not the greatest modeller or blogger, I simply enjoy both, so it came as somewhat of a surprise that after a brief exchange of emails and content I was told they would like me to blog for them and also for Warcradle Studio!

Remuneration was never discussed but I feel certain it would have come with a six figure salary, an endless supply of modelling freebies and invitations to countless corporate jollies in exotic locations.  So where did it go wrong?  Well, perhaps not unreasonably Wayland Games wanted exclusive content which essentially would have left me with next to nothing to put on my own blog.  The question therefore was do I give up my blog and my small but hugely important number of followers for the fame and riches of blogging for them?

When it came to the crunch I decided I couln’t turn my back on my followers, that’s you lot by the way.  My blog is my baby.  As Golum would say it’s “my precious” and I value sincerly each one of you that follow TIM.  I’m also, and my brother can vouch for this, an idiot!

Photographic Light Boxes

Until recently I was completely unaware of photographic light boxes.  I think it was a throw away remark in one of Azazel’s posts that brought the matter to my attention.  Curious to know what he was refering to I Googled the subject to learn some more.  Most illuminating.  Sorry that’s a dreadful pun.

It turns out they are relatively inexpensive and potentially could improve the quality of the photographs I’ve been posting.  I have a decent SLR camera but consistent quality is to say the least hit and miss.  Will it improve with a light box?  Maybe.  In any event I have ordered one from Amazon and it is due to arrive later this week.  For better or worse I’ll let you know how I get on with it, well for better I will.  If the photo’s are still crap I’ll keep quiet.


Until next time.






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