28mm – WW2 US Winter Troops – Part 1

Tiring somewhat of WW1 I felt the need to undertake something new, not so much in terms of figures so much as terrain.

Until very recently I had only dabbled with snow affects once in the past and that was a long time ago.  The result of which ended in the model below.


The model itself, an Andrea 54mm figure based on Robert Redford’s portrayal of Jeremiah Johnson if I remember correctly, came out OK at the time but the snow and my early attempt at a tree stump now look far from pleasing and very dated.  It was only when I was dusting it that I thought I wouldn’t mind having another go at some snow based models.

Now before I continue I ought to answer a question that I am sure the previous paragraph has thrown up.  Why was I, a product of the male chauvinistic 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, doing my own dusting when I have a perfectly good wife capable of doing such things?  A good question for sure but Her who Must Be Obeyed has made it perfectly clear that she will not be held responsible for any breakages and thus the job rests with me.  To be fair she has a point.  Allow me to digress a little further.

We have a border collie who can open every door in the house.  I was once the proud owner of a remote-controlled Dalek which spoke.  The dog hated the Dalek and ran from it when it was in use.  Her Who Must Be Obeyed in her infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to stand the Dalek in front of our bedroom door to stop the dog from going in.  A cunning plan but one which led to the dog trashing the Dalek and me calling her a moron.  It is against this back drop that she now has nothing to do with my models and collectibles! Hard to blame her really.

Back to modelling.

I had a good browse on the Warlord Games site and found some great looking 28mm US winter troops which I decided to purchase.  I then found some snow and ice products produced by Precision Ice and Snow which I also bought.  Not cheap but the amount of stuff that came in the bundle I purchased will more than see me through the rest of my modelling days I expect.  As for a scene I thought I’d go for a derelict building or part of one to be more precise.  The combination of US troops, snow and a derelict building all adds up to something completely brand new to get my teeth into.

A check on my paints resulted in the need to order some new ones, all Vallejo in this instance, and while I waited for them to arrive in the post I started to get my head around the build itself.  Initially I did think I could cut some corners given that most of the end result would be covered in snow but I then decided that was the wrong approach.  If I was to do it properly I ought to build the thing to look right before adding the snow, in that way what ever might show through would in turn look right too.

The mini project is now under way and the pictures below are of the early stages.  I initially cut out some foam board for the two wall sections which were then glued together.  Milliput was flattened out and then rolled using a Green Stuff World cobblestone textured rolling-pin and then applied to the foam board both on the inside and the outside.  A little tip I discovered.  In order to easily pick up the rolled Milliput first lay down some talcum powder on to your flat surface before hand, it lifts up easily that way.

The gate was made from wooden coffee stirrers as was the door and the roof beams.  The tiles were made once again using my Green Stuff World tile punch.  The fence posts were made from match sticks and drilled to make way for the twisted wire that will be inserted in due course.

Next up will be the complete assembly of all the various bits and pieces, the figure painting and applications of static grass and other ground work but that will have to wait until next time.  In the meanwhile a few very unexciting progress pictures.



2 thoughts on “28mm – WW2 US Winter Troops – Part 1

  1. Good work so far mate, I really like the way you are scratch building your own stuff . I started out buying ready built but found that they don’t look half as good as ones you do yourself .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Like you I started buying bits but couldn’t always get what I wanted so tried doing my own stuff and it grew from there. Still very much leaning and experimenting but that’s half the fun isn’t it? The one thing I cannot do to my satisfaction is windows, one day though perhaps!


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