28mm WW1 Vignette – 18 Pounder Cannon and Crew

This week saw the end of my WW1 timeline with the completion of this little Vignette/Diorama.  I say the end but as I enjoyed the period I may well add to it at some point in the future if the right idea comes along and I can find the appropriate figures.  For now though this is it for the clubs June show in Plymouth.

Of all the pieces I have put together this one is probably my least favourite.  There are two reasons for this I think.  Firstly, the subject.  I felt I ought to at least feature an artillery piece and this one from Gripping Beasts caught my eye.  The downside is I wanted to do less conventional models and failed to deliver with this one.  I guess it’s a bit like going to see The Rolling Stones. They may have plenty of new songs to sing but if they don’t play some of their hits from 50 years ago then you’re going to be a little passed off!  Thus we have some artillery.

Secondly, the model isn’t a great piece of work.  It’s fine overall and may look OK but in truth I rushed it.  I think I just ran out of steam with the project.  I have enjoyed it and discovered lots of new things along the way.  I have tried to do other things in between but now it really is time to move on to something else and to use a few other colours. The April challenge will now receive my attention!

Images of the completed model appear  below.  In the next week or so I will try to put together a post of the whole project.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering the guy third from the left in the first picture is holding a shell!


DSC_0793 (1)DSC_0791 (1)DSC_0792 (1)DSC_0794 (1)DSC_0790 (1)DSC_0796 (2)DSC_0795 (1)DSC_0797 (1)DSC_0789 (1)

10 thoughts on “28mm WW1 Vignette – 18 Pounder Cannon and Crew

  1. I was 10 when it came out, my brother who bought it was 15. It blew our minds, one of those albums which changed the face of music at the time. A lot of my musical taste belongs in the past and is dated in more ways than one but chosing a top 10 for me would not just be about the music but of the memories it invokes too. I guess we need to make this a topic for future posts!

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  2. It is a nice simple diorama that tells it’s own story really, given the scale of casualties inflicted by artillery in the Great War, so well worth including with all the rest! Like it!


  3. It looks good to me! Of course, one of the great things about this hobby is that you can leave it be or if it bothers you down the line you can always go back and revisit it for a few tweaks here and there. 🙂

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