The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 10)

Welcome to this week’s Musings!

Big Project Versus Boredom

For a little while now I’ve been toying with the idea of undertaking a bigger project.  I’m not talking about something on the scale of a large gaming board.  Although the idea appeals to me it’s the space issue even if I did something modular.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a larger version of the Old West buildings that I’ve done in the past.  Instead of a single building something which has four or five instead and gives the impression or being a section of a town.

On the up side it would keep me going for a long time, enable me to embrace the improvements I made with the latter builds I did and of course I like the genre.  On the downside my chief concern is getting bored.  I love the creative side of the hobby and I feel certain other ideas will flow through my mind which will lead to frustration and impatience  with what I am doing.

Of course I could strike a compromise.  Construct a building at a time, paint a couple of figures, do something different and then start the cycle again.  I’m warming more and more to this idea.  Some further thought and some planning is need.  I also need to write a list, lots of lists in fact.

I also need to complete a few more of the dozen or so things that I currently have on the go.  Which leads me nicely into my next topic for this week …

Multi Tasking

It’s often said that men cannot multi task.  Women apparently do it all the time and never more so than when they have a baby in tow. They just get on with everything because they have to.  As a father of two I  can testify to this.  In fact I’ve never been allowed to forget it!  Having a child is a badge of office which seems to have entitled my wife to ridiculing my inability to multi task at every opportunity.  Like giving birth it’s a women thing which us blokes just can’t do.

I choose not to argue with she who must be obeyed but of course she is talking – how can I put it – total bollocks! Of course men can multi task.  For example, while the kettle is boiling to make a morning cup of tea I empty the dish washer and get the breakfast things out (her job really bit what can I say I’m a modern man).  More than that I have at least half a dozen models on the go at any one time! Hell, I can even paint a model while listening to music or watching a film!

Men can multi task.  I can multi task!  I think I have proved my point.  In fact I will go one step further.  If women are so good at multi tasking, and yes dearest I’m including you in this (God help me if she reads this!) then why can’t they make love when they have a headache?

… “and that my Lord concludes the case for the defence”.

Memory Loss

I have mentioned in past Musings that I am a lists person.  Nothing has changed, I still am.  However, due to age, I’m now starting to forget things.  I am remembering to put things on the list but not how to do them.  In modelling terms this translates into “paint the wooden doors” being on the to do list but forgetting what colours and the sequence I painted them in.

Something needs to be done so I’m contemplating the idea of documenting some of this and maybe just maybe making a mini series of future posts.  This of course only stands any chance of working if I can remember what I did!  I’ll think on it.


Until next time.





16 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 10)

  1. Great post TIM! Yea, part of the reason I started blogging is just to start documenting things. I’ve gone back to my blog quite a few times to look up which color I used for this or that. I’ve found it works much better for me than writing stuff down on paper. I’d probably end up throwing out the paper at some point. Also the pictures I take along the way are good at jogging my memory.

    Yea, I think multitasking is an individual thing. I have to be able to at my work. I’m also better at multitasking at home, keeping one eye on the trouble prone toddler and the other on the 3-4 other things I’m doing. Getting our teen boy to multitask though? What a chore.

    On your big project, I would lean towards making all the buildings at once. Painting you could do more piecemeal. Construction though, takes a lot of time and doing it piece by piece would just extend that out even further.

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  2. Thanks Faust. Further proof if proof were needed that men can multi-task! Our motives for blogging are similar, my original plan was to keep a record of my work but have been pleasantly surprised that things have developed well beyond that. I’ve said it before and am happy to say it again, I really enjoy this little community of ours. I do need to think further on the larger project idea. Something I’m keen to do and your idea of getting all the buildings done at once is certainly worthy of consideration. Fortunately I’ve got plenty of others things to complete first!

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  3. Oh TIM ,you got me started on the list bit ,but now ,this multitasking by women has got my gander up . I grew up with three elder sisters ,plus the other bits like mother and father and I will say now that it’s an urban myth . I will not bother, you with the details ,they would refute what I said any way ( three to one always wins) , but I found that if they forgot things it was always down to having to look after little Patrick . Then came marriage and children , girls off course ( one being the Tech adviser ) and after a quick check tonight not one said they were able to do more than ,wait for it boys , wife iron and watch TV , Tech adviser do research on the I pad and listen to music ,! wow ! . Now to the place I’m employed at , myself and ,you guested it , three women ,the boss , a little older than myself ,( only nine years ) and the other two in varying years younger . They are the clever oncers in the office ,I’m the storeman ( Strange things are happening in Australia where they try to confuse people by giving them stupid titles in the work place that don’t relate to what you actually do . ) But they still come out to the old boy to find out going on !! , I’m doing eight things at once sometimes , and all I get is Oh you are a clever boy , so don’t ever believe that s…t. FAUST , has it so right when he says he can do these things ,just because he is smart enough to see what’s coming and work around it and be aware of what’s going on around him .You are so right TIM I so look forward to making contact each week with our little mob , I’m so glad you started it cobber , well done .

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  4. Not sure I started it Pat but it is fun and I do very much enjoy it. The main thing as I see it is to have a laugh and a bit of banter, a bit like going down the pub with your mates, but with the added bonus of a shared hobby. Blimey, so many women in your life! As my brother would say, you can love them or hate them but you can’t shoot them (legally that is)! Just watch that blood pressure when you get your gander up! The other thing I love is just how spread out the group is across the globe. I’m in England, you and a lot of others are in Australia and then we have the good old USA plus heaps more. It’s a smaller world now than the one I grew up in that’s for sure!


    1. Your brother is so right TIM ,you can’t shoot them because the are always moving about multitasking , no mate , I love them as they are always right, and I’m always wrong ,unless it’s some important issue that they need some serious advice on . One thing is ,matey ,is as you say don’t get the gander up, just have a good laugh at how silly they are . Golly I hope Tech adviser doesn’t find this post or you won’t hear from me again . On another note I’m really excited about the old girl and I visiting your beautiful country again soon , no kids this time so that will save a few bob .

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  5. I’ve come to really enjoy your musings Sir. So much so that I started having heart palpitations when I didn’t see it come up in my feed. Was it late? Or have I started to, finally, fall into madness? A lot of painters document their recipes and such but I’m far too lazy to do it. Also the hobby is all about fun and not documenting crap. For example if I go to a party I party. I dance, sing, tell jokes and generally make a fool of myself. Where as a paint documentor would be at the party offering to drive people home or sitting down drinking warm milk. Haha in actual fact I admire people who document their painting. If men were meant to multi task they would have been born with a vagina.

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  6. Haha. I posted on Wednesday as I try to do with my Musings so I reckon you’ve fallen into madness! You’ve also got me worried. I like a good party too but if documenting modelling stuff means drinking warm milk and driving people about I’m going to have to seriously think this through. I’ve also just shocked the wife who asked why I had my hand inside my trousers. I said it was hard to explain but I needed to confirm to IRO that I have a willy!

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  7. And another thing (that sounded angry which I promise you I’m not) I think the big or bigger project sounds great. I’ve got some old west/sci-fi terrain/buildings to make so I’d be interested to see how you go about it. Or better still you could build terrain pieces for me and in return I can errr ??

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    1. Yeah I’ve seen them. Very cool but expensive. I just watched a doco on Ernest Shackleton and his expedition with his ship The Endurance. It occurred to me that this would make for a great diorama and then you came to mind. You could do a wrecked ship with the men trying to dig it out etc. would be quite fantastic. It was a great doco. Found it on YouTube. It’s narrated by Liam Neeson which, which his deep and forbidding voice, gave the whole thing a lovely tambre.

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  8. Sounds interesting I’ll check it out after I’ve had breakfast and walked the dog. Finding the figures is always the key for me. Yes, the buildings are pricey, I think all the Exodus stuff is, but I’m sure you could apply your talents and personal creativity and style to building your own. As you say they do look cool. I think they are made for them by Sarissa Precision. The trouble with MDF etched stuff is it always looks flat.


  9. Yeah ,mate ,me and the .. wife are going to finish the trip that we had in 2014 when the four of us drove 2410 miles around England and lower Scotland ,and back down to London before going to Paris at the end . maybe a little about myself might help , I first went to the UK in 1977 for a few months ,ended up two years , the last being a Woofer at a farm in Polstead near Colchester , where I lived with a family and settled into a place Aussies had not tainted . Thirty-four years on married and the two girls ,lets have a holiday ,UK of course ,best money I have ever spent on their education , get this TIM on our return I them the most exciting part of the trip ,Harry Porter exhibition , Tintagel ,and various other exciting and interesting places , no it was the farm where I worked on all those years ago and had to stay with the that family that took me in all those years ago , the kids grown with kids of their own now ,I did not realise how much the had absorbed .So this time it’s fly into London ,then a train to Edinburgh for a few days ,hire a motor and drive up the east coast ,Aberdeen ,Inverness ,and up to Thurso ,over to the west down to Skye ,Glasgow ,stay with friends near Lanark and the meander down through England at our leisure to Polstead to see the adopted the family again . Then we catch the train back to London and then on to Winchester to , you guessed it , no you tell me what Iwish to see , Probably not hard for you , as you are probably always in the vicinity now that Sexy thing is only a stones throw from there . Getting excited ,not long until September eh ! . ( Four weeks total ,if you think of anything I might be interested in see please let me know . )

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    1. Wow, facinating. Cheers Pat loved that. Really hope you have a fantastic trip, certainly sounds like you will. Scotland and the countryside up there is one of the few unspoilt areas of the UK these days. Been a while since we visited so may have to put that right at some point. Great that you daughters got to see where you stayed all those years ago. However much it meant at the time I’m sure it will mean even more as they grow older with their own families to pass it onto. All I can think about for Winchester is the Cathedral and Alfred the Great so if it’s neither of these then you have the better of me. Can’t add anything to what you plan to do in Scotland but Windsor this year will be big because of the Royal Wedding and if you are in London then I would highly recommend The houses of Parliment and Buckingham Palance. Both offer tours which need to be booked in advance but well worth it regardless of whether or not you like politics or the royals! To think you can stand in the places where so many decisions changed the face of the entire world is awesome in my book. If not this trip then maybe the next. Who knows, you might even get to meet Sexy then as well!

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      1. Oh ! matey ,it just shows how far I have strayed from my original love for dioramas , that being the Peninsular campaign with my hero the Duke of Wellington , went to Apsley house in 1978 and was really thrilled ,my that period I will leave to others like yourself who have done some great work in portraying that tragic war. The other chap who has impressed me for a long time is rifleman Harris , of the 95th Regiment , If you had seen my next Dio , you would have nailed it mate . I can’t believe that I never got there all those years ago , to busy chasing skirt and to much craic ,oh young wasters were we not eh ! . So that is going to be really great to visit the museum , and now you mention it the Old girl might wish to see the cathedral and the round table . We all love Harry ,and the Royal family even if you are not a royalist one has to admirer the work they do and I had the misfortune to attend the funeral of Sir Louis Mountbatten ,terrible times , some might say ,old fashion ,passed there used by date but there is certainly a lot of popularity with the younger ones which I feel is a good thing . Sorry TIM Minky Markle didn’t throw me a ticket for the show , so I will just have to saunter off down to Chelsea to the , Oh no not another military museum . The other one mate ,you are right on , caught Whoofer talking to Tech adviser about them going back to the farm in Suffolk , in a year or two .

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      2. I’m going to have to brush up on my history Pat, you knowledge puts me to shame. I like the young royals too, far less stuffy but then it’s a new era now. Your certainly going to have a good trip, no wonder your excited. From the sound of it it’ll be another family adventure in a few years time too!

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