The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 13)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

The Camera Never Lies

It may be true to say the camera never lies but I’m beginning to think the camera exaggerates.  Allow me to explain.

These days I pretty much paint only 28mm figures.  My eyesight isn’t that bad but I do wear glasses which make me look devilishly handsome (OK so it was my mum that said that’s how I look but it still counts) and when I’m painting I use one of those magnifying head visors which enables me to get up close and personal.  Now the thing is that looking at the figure through the visor all magnified up it generally looks good to me.  Good enough to call it finished and move on to basing and eventual picture taking for a future blog post.

Now a little while ago I wasn’t happy with my photos but then I bought a light box and my basic photographic skills were immediately enhanced.  I’m still happy with the photos but the end results take no prisoners when it come to highlighting flaws in my work.  With the naked eye and even with the visor on I struggle to see these errors but the camera never fails to do so.

I think part of the problem is that the photos I’m taking and subsequently posting dont truly reflect that the figure is pretty small.  A fact that is probably undertsood by fellow modellers but not necessarily by anyone else.

As I see it I have three choices.  I can either 1) learn to take better photos, 2) improve upon my painting skills or 3) stop giving a shit about it!

Until I improve on 1 and 2 I’m going to have to go with number 3.


I was accused, very unusually I might add, of being selfish the other day.  I was simply keeping myself to myself and doing what I wanted to do which was modelling.  Instead I was expected to immediately stop what I was doing and do something that someone else wanted me to do.  This begged the question was it me being selfish or them?  A hard one to call and one which required a great deal of thought I’m sure you will agree.  In the end I decided a compromise offerred the best solution so I chose to do neither and went to the pub for a pint instead.

Are Theories Always Right?

Theories are pretty much like opinions and arseholes, everyone has one.  Darwin had a good one and most people have bought into it.  I have my doubts.  I’m happy to believe it but can’t help but feel like some others do that there ought to be a missing link.

Now when it comes to modelling the hobby abounds with theories and opinons ranging from how to paint and how to make.  Nothing wrong with that but years of research doesn’t always result in the right theory.  The following “true” story proves my point.


The professor stood and addressed the expectant audience.  “Ladies and gentlemen, following a comprehensive study I can confirm that the more regularly people have sex the happier they are.  To prove my theory I would ask all of you who have sex more than once a week to raise your hands”.  Approximately 50% of the audience raised there hands and everyone that did so had a beaming smile.

“Now can I ask those of you who have sex once a week to raise your hands”.  This time about 25% of the audience raised their hands.  They weren’t as happy as the first group but they were smiling none the less.

“Now can I ask those of you who have sex once a month to raise their hands.”  Of those remaining all but one man raised their hands.  Each person was visibily miserable.

Noticing that one man had not raised his hand throughout the professor pointed to him and asked  – “Excuse me sir but I could not help but notice that at no point did you raise your hand.  Would you mind telling me how often you have sex?”.  “Not at all” said the man with the widest smile of anyone in the room “I have sex once a year”.  

Shocked the professor said “Let me get this right. You only have sex once a year and yet you are the happiest man in the room?”.  “Yes” said the man.  The professor tore up his thesis and threw it in the air in dismay.  “That’s my theory thrown out the window!” He said frustratingly.  “Perhaps you could tell me and the audience why when you only have sex once a year you are so happy”.  “Because” said the man “tonight’s the night!”


Until next time.







13 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 13)

  1. I agree David the 3rd option clearly stands out. Regarding selfish I think you should choose the path that you are less trodden on. lol. Enjoy you time with the family.

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  2. Good post sir. I’ll comment on the selfish part. My thoughts are thus:

    I give lots. I spend equal amounts of time with the kids. Eg. Dolls Houses, singing, dancing, reading, drawing, tickling, hide n seek, parks, bike riding you get the picture.

    I spend time with my wife. We cuddle up and watch our shows and also have good chats and laughs.

    I work hard. I run my own business so it never really stops what with emails, invoicing and quoting etc as well as the actual physical work during the day.

    I have my circle of mates who I get together with every few weeks and have a drink, a laugh and so on.

    I play in a band DRUMS!

    So, when I bloody choose to “do my models” haha I bloody will.

    I’d say I, roughly, sit down at the hobby desk 3 – 4 times a week.

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    1. An equally great reply son. Strikes me you have an excellent work life balance aligned to an understanding family. I would say it was indicative of a stable mind but the irony of that is I’ve seen your models haha! A life style to envy with the added bonus of Australian sunshine. Work hard, play hard has always been my motto.

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      1. It’s actually pouring down with rain as I write this. In my neck of the woods the running joke is four seasons in one day. This afternoon I was sweating as I removed a tree from someone’s yard with the sun beating down on my neck. Now I’m rugged up in my dressing gown with the heater on haha. Have you ever been to my lovely country?

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  3. Went there in October 2002, part business, part holiday. Stayed on Kangaroo island off of Adelaide for two weeks, managed to get to Adelaide too. Spent a few days in Cairns for the rain forest and the Great Barrier Reef before flying down to Sydney for a few more days. Loved it but was on my own for half of it which was fine but it’s nice to share the experiences. Learnt my wife was expecting when I was in Sydney and then couldn’t wait to get home. Felt so far away at that moment. One day I’ll get there again but don’t like flying much so we do cruises now but I promised the wife I’d take her one day and a promise is a promise! Where are you?


  4. Always a chuckle from these!

    The camera is a pain. I’ve seen minis painted worse than mine (yes, that’s possible!), but with decent photos looked way better! And vice versa. Getting the lighting right can be a real problem too. Not sure if I had mentioned this in my last post, but I finally went back to a light box which seems will work. Unfortunately that happened *after* I took all the photos for my Old Mini Mondays. Ah, well. Good luck with that cantankerous thing!

    I can’t remember who gave me the sage advice along the lines of ‘keep the missus happy, and you’ll have a good life’. I think I would amend that to find the right one in the first place. Because I had some partners in the past, that couldn’t be happy no matter what! The occasional time away, is nice for both though!

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  5. Glad I’m not the only one frustrated with photographic issues. Obviously it’s an art form in it’s own right and something to study more. At least with digital it doesn’t cost anything to take loads of photos and practice. So much to do so little time!
    Yes, it always pays to keep the women in your life happy if you can but they are a bread apart and until my dieing day I’ll never work them out. Can’t live without them but can’t shoot them either!


  6. The camera never lies, but it’s also a tool that’s easily manipulated.

    I used to be a regular over on Dakka, and something I noticed occasionally was when a new Space Marine or whatever kind of models was released, people would post up the preview pictures. On my screen they’re a good 10 inches high for a model that’s about an inch big in real life. You’d then get armchair critics criticising the quality of the ‘eavy Metal staff painters because you could see the odd brush stroke. On something that had been blown up from something the size of my thumb joint to half the size of my forearm.

    So you get that.

    Luckily on here we tend to get people who are supportive and/or offer actual constructive criticism with the best of intentions. I look at my own model photos and constantly see spots on my freehand that look great in hand but rough when blown up – or little bits I somehow missed – or the odd errant hair that’s gone and decided to make it a part of a model – it’s the nature of the beast.

    So I reckon work on 1) and 2) – since continuing to improve is always something to want to do, just without doing your head in over it – and with a degree of 3) Some shit is worth ignoring, and other shit is stuff that can be fixed. It’s just deciding where in the two it fits!

    What I tend to go with is that I’m always right, but (very) occasionally, someone else has something to say that’s useful or can be mined for something useful. Works for me, anyay! 😉

    I guess without full context, it’s hard to say. From the description, it sounds like it’s in your favour, but then, it the other person had done thew write-up it’d no doubt be presented quite differently.

    What you should have done after your pint was to stop past the Fish & Chip shop and get some battered prawns. Then when you got back you could have said something along the lines of “Okay, I got you the Shellfish that you were going on about!”

    …I’ll see myself out.

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    1. Totally in agreement with regard to your thoughts on 1, 2 and 3. Besides, seeking improvement is part of the fun, just need to make sure not to get to frustrated along the way.

      I’ve never been involved with other social media sites with regard to my modelling but several people have made reference to the “trolling” style of comment seen elsewhere. I’ve mentioned it before and will do so again, those associated with our various blogs which make this community are a great bunch and the comments received are well meant and well received. Long may it continue!

      I like your theory and think I will adopt it on a needs to basis.

      There are of course two sides to every argument but had I shared the other point of view it may have presented me in a bad light. The bottom line is it’s my blog so I get to say what I want, which of course could be argued as being selfish. Sounds like another trip to the pub only via the fishmonger this time. Top tip!

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