Lights, Camera, Action! – 28mm Hammer Horror Diorama – Part 3 (Final)

Not too much to say on this one as it’s mainly about the pictures of the completed diorama.  The film crew, camera and lights needed to be based and have been and a few other final touches needed to be made.

I’m still not sure if the balance of the completed diorama is right.  I feel the set wall might have been better if it ran the full length of the base.  The downside of doing so would have meant not being able to properly see all the figures.  Buggered if you do, buggered if you don’t.  I think I’ll have to put this one down to experience and if I do something like it again try to come up with a better composition.

Once again  there are some interesting shadows appearing in the photographs, purely by accident I must admit.  As IRO pointed out in one of the photos in Part 2 of this model the idea of painting in the shadow would be pretty cool.  I’ve resisted this idea only because I have never done shadows before.  I will try it out on something else and if it works out OK then I may revisit this model.  Until then it is complete!

Photo’s below.



26 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action! – 28mm Hammer Horror Diorama – Part 3 (Final)

  1. Wow…another excellent job there David. Very authentic, great detail and great subject matter. One question….Is that Marty Feldman sitting on the step I wonder?
    Visually stunning David.
    Cheers Martin

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  2. Thank you Martin, glad you liked it. Not sure it’s a favourite of mine to be honest, a perfection thing I guess. I learnt a few things with this one which left me thinking I could do better. I like the film crew concept and the Horror figures too so something I may well revisit at some point. The sculptor definately had Marty Feldman in mind when he created that one! All I could think of when I was making this diorama was Mel Brooks and Young Frankenstein!

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  3. Yea, I keep getting a Young Frankenstein vibe too.

    Great diorama, man! The thought and attention to details really shows in the dioramas you do. Whenever I see a mini, I just think about how to use them in a game. But you take them and turn them into these miniature pieces of art! Always amazing to me. I can’t even fathom what you might come up with next.

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    1. Thanks Mate, glad you liked it. The wargaming scene past me by, not sure how, so this is my thing and I enjoy it. A little while ago I hit the wall but now I’m back on track and for now I’ve got plenty of ideas, mostly small ones but they will keep me going. I’m working on something for the July Challange which I’m excited about and in due course I’ll be interested to know what you make of it!

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  4. I think this looks great! Two completely different halves that really go together well! I think you’re right to leave off a wall/backdrop on the camera crew side (and I’m not even sure I’d know what to put in place on that side any way that’d look right)!

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    1. Yes, I do know what it’s like to be overcritical, as does everyone who’s ever asked me to proof read a report or document for them (at least they don’t ask twice)! However, this diorama I like, it’s way better than I could do and if you enjoyed making it that’s what matters!

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      1. And there I was going to ask you to proof read my articles! Glad you like this one, it was fun but you know what it’s like when the ideas are flowing in your head. Way better than you could do? Nothing wrong with your work from all what I’ve seen, we just interpret the hobby in different ways. I’d struggle with what you do for sure, same for other bloggers work too. I think we all enjoy an unspoken mutual respect which I guess is why we follow one another as well.

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  5. Very, very fun. I do remember watching all the Hammer remakes on TV on Saturday afternoon “Creature Feature”. A fun diorama, great to see. And btw, the gaming has not passed you by, it awaits you with open arms (or tentacles, whatever 😝).

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  6. Great job Dave ,at first glance I had that balance feeling also ,but after viewing it for a while I had to agree with JNV completely ,but I’m with you there about wondering if we have done the right thing in the end .It’s funny how I worry so much about something I really like doing ! .
    As Pete says the creature from the black lagoon would be great ,but as you say it’s all about finding the right figures for the job ,can’t count the number of times I have wished someone had made a figure in the pose for a particular place on the diorama ,yeah ,so cheers mate and happy figure hunting ! PS Tech adviser says you should have put little lights on the set ! ,it’s all right, she studying electrical wiring for her Tiny home and thinks I should have tiny led light on mine ,I’m sure I would just end up electrocuting myself !!

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    1. Well if you and JNV think it works OK then who am I to argue? We are our own worst critics aren’t we. Yes I worry too, not in stressful way more pondering I guess. We just want to get it right don’t we.

      Yes for me and like others it’s all about finding the figures. If I were younger and had the time and a teacher I would have loved to have been able to sculpt my own figures, then I could really do whatever I wanted. To old in the tooth now but I still enjoy what I do and in most cases I find something which is suitable.

      I’m warming to Tech Adviser, she sounds switched on regarding lighting (bad pun!). Seriously, she sounds like she takes a genuine interest which is nice and some good ideas there. I did put lighting in a box diorama I did some while ago. It was fun and I said to myself that I’d do that again at some point but haven’t. I’ll have another think about that one. Box diorama, toughest think I’ve ever done!


      1. Yeah mate she is genuinely interested in my hobby and as you say comes up with some good ideas ,but the lighting I will leave to her . By the way what is a box diorama ,did you put up some shots of it ?.As for the sculpting bit , one of my sisters attended the Beaux art school in Paris, so when I went to stay with her back in the 70’s I ask her to teach me ,alas I wasn’t very good at it and only ended up with a strange hippopotamus !. As for the figure hunt it’s only a matter of keeping the eye peeled , that shark looks pretty good ! ,Schleich do make fine animal figures . I wonder if they do Tiapans, tiger snakes ,brown snakes ,red belly black snakes ,funnel web spiders and red backs and then maybe some insects ,ticks, bull ants mosquitos and a great variety of wasps and then to the ocean ,blue ringed octopus, jelly fish stonefish and ,gosh that bloody shark !

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  7. Seeing the first post on this, I was clueless that it was only half done. Love the addition of the crew. Really rounds it out. I think the wall feels missing from a symmetrical view but in reality they wouldn’t have built more of a set than needed so not having it is probably more accurate

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  8. Great stuff! I’m sure I’ve replied to this post before (yes, the finished version, not the WIP) but I fear it may have fallen victim to my occasional type stuff, then go look up something that I wanted to reference, then look at another tab, then another, then forget that you were typing a reply and assume that you already sent it.

    So… um..

    Good job?

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