28mm Reaper Dark heaven Legends Mini – The Harbinger

This week I was hoping to post details of my neglected model for the September challenge but things got the better of me and the base I want to put it on still hasn’t arrived in the post yet.  Truly a neglected piece if ever there was one!

So instead my offering is another Reaper miniature.  If you are getting bored with them (I’m not) then you will be pleased to learn that I only have another three to do before I kick on to something different.  The figure reminds me of something IRO would do so I’ll dedicate this piece to him.

I’m not sure I can explain why I went for this one but in a rather horrid way I rather liked the flesh torn horse.  Not a great deal to say other than that.  I tried for a desolate looking base hence the bare tree stumps and no hint whatsoever of vegetation.  Seemed appropriate for the figure in my opinion.

Photos of the completed model below.



DSC_0883 (1)DSC_0882 (1)DSC_0883DSC_0880 (1)DSC_0881 (1)DSC_0882DSC_0885

27 thoughts on “28mm Reaper Dark heaven Legends Mini – The Harbinger

  1. Looking good👍 I like the use of a real twig as the tree. Once again another Reaper figure I can’t say I have noticed. To be fair though, I normally only look at the bones range to save on cost. I might have to start looking a bit more closely at the metals.

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    1. I use real wood whenever I can although I do paint it. Nothing better if you can get a piece you like. I’m sure where you are drift wood pieces must be plentiful. I think Reaper have at least a 1000 + figures so don’t blame yourself for missing one! 😉 Personally I do prefer metal over the bones ones but they are more expensive but every now and then I like to treat myself. I make a point of telling the wife I got them half price! 😊

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      1. If I was doing the dioramas like you do I think I would go with the metal too. To be fair though the bones ones paint up well. The plastic ones I got were for some RPG games hence the plastic, but since then I have moved onto card figures, saves loads of money and can be stored in an envelope. As for wood etc I really fancy trying some privet with coir matting foliage. As for driftwood yep we get a fair bit. One place up here is called Woodwick. Basically wood bay.

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  2. Love that old dead horse and the old dead tree. To be brutally honest I’m not overly keen on the scythe. That’s not your fault though it just looks a bit like a giant prop.
    Thanks for the dedication. It definitely has a flare of the IRO about it, especially in regards to my latest gear.

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  3. Nice work! I remember owning this miniature years back when GW didn’t have a mounted wraith and I wanted one for my Von Carstein army. I think I ended up bending my scythe blade upwards a bit.

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  4. Ditto on the previous kudos TIM. The horse sculpt is awesome. As for skeletons, I’ve done pale white, I’ve done cream/yellow, and yellow brown. All have their advantages. I now go more with a look of old bones that a dog might be gnawing on after exhumation. The Army Painter Quickshade line is super for that too. But for a harbinger, this works just fine, he’s been bleached in the sun perhaps. And the tree, nice pick for that, works great.

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  5. Nice mini and I like the paints. I’m stuck on two things…

    1. Have you painted any of the plastic Reaper line?

    2. Maybe it’s because you’re painting the metal range, but when you paint minis, I don’t really feel like they belong to the Reaper line. I think it’s just your style dominates your work and makes it your own. It would be really interesting to see what happened if you painted a Necromunda ganger. But I’m pretty sure the result would be the same, another of TIM’s miniatures. Not a bad thing at all, just interesting how you are able to make them all your own. There is probably a whole Musing post there on finding a style through the choices one makes in painting, but I don’t know.

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    1. To answer your first question, no I’ve never painted a plastic Reaper figure. I try to avoid plastic at all costs if I can, I just don’t get on with it that well. It’s an ongoing debate but I think a personal musing on the subject may be due! As for having a style that’s something else I’ve never really given much thought to. The only thing I can really think which I do that stands out from being different to other bloggers work is not being a gamer I make a little more of the base work than perhaps others do. I see each one as a collector’s item (albeit I’m the collector!) rather than a practical gaming piece. I’ll have to check out a Necromunda figure and see what I would make of it, something else for the list! 🤗

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  6. Heh ! Dave I’m back ,had a great time but am pretty shattered after five weeks ,lot’s to catch up on ,you lads don’t stand still whilst I’m away do you ! . I’ll work my way through all that you have been up to so forgive me if I appear a little slow . Like one of the lads said ,a great use of a real twig for the tree ,I must look into that .

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    1. Only the other day I thought you must get back home soon. Looking forward to hearing how you got on in due course and you’re right, things haven’t stood still while you’ve been away. Everyone has been busy so you’ve got plenty to catch up on! Good to have you back.

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