The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 26)

Welcome to this week’s Musings!


How to find a lost Mojo

Before I went on holiday a couple of comments surfaced about losing inspiration for painting and modelling. Responses generally amounted to the same thing, it happens to us all and it will return in due course so never fear. Against this background I got to thinking about my own inspiration, where I get my own ideas from and what I’m most likely to do to try to get my mojo back the next time I lose it.

I guess the first thing I’d say on the subject is that I’m lucky. Lucky in the sense that I’m not stuck on any particular period or genre. I do have my favourites of course but I’ve an open mind to doing something completely random. This I think is a big help and if you are willing to explore and do something different, even as a one-off small project, then I think this offers the best option for rekindling interest. I’m also into dioramas and vignettes rather than army building which might make things a little easier too. Of course you still need to be inspired, something has to ignite the flame.

The following is a list I’ve put together of my go to ideas to get my creative juices flowing. It’s not exhaustive by any means and from time to time I add to it. It might be of interest to you, it might not but I have found that it works for me.

In no particular order I typically check out:

  • Google and/or Pinterest using suitable search criteria. Often I search “28mm dioramas” which invariably throws up all manner of ideas across all genres;
  • Book titles, either those in my own book collection or which might feature in a google top 100 list or similar. Classics such as Treasure Island and The Last of the Mohicans have been inspirational for me but so to has Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, a contemporary classic;
  • The cinema as another medium to tap into. Films old and new, historical or futuristic are responsible for numerous items which appear on my Modelling “Wish List”;
  • Quotations, often as a derivative of film, although not exclusively so. There are some great movie lines out there. Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character had some great lines as did Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator. Figures for both exist and are also on my modelling “Wish List”.  A Google search will offer an almost endless supply of ideas;
  • TV in the same way I consider books and film. There are some great programs out there, Game of Thrones immediately springs to mind;
  • Other people’s blogs. A relatively new one for me but significant all the same. The fantasy genre which has dominated my more recent work was inspired by the work of many of you guys;
  • Modelling shows.  These have proved very useful too.  There are some amazingly talented people out there and there is nothing quite like seeing things in the flesh;
  • Historical anniversaries such as WW1 which, care of my modelling club, set me on a journey of discovery I would never have embarked upon.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. Please feel free to comment as I’d love to know what has provided inspiration for you so I can add it to the list. Who knows, in the future we might help ourselves as well as others.

Alternatively we might become suicidal having decided to give up completely!


Home Alone – Domestic Progress Update

The continuing absence of She Who Must Be Obeyed (she is currently looking after her poorly sister in Edinburgh and not due back for at least another week) has seriously limited my modelling time.  On the positive side her absence has so far taught me three things.

  1. The house keeping budget doesn’t go nearly as far when you spend it on going out for a meal every night;
  2. I’ve probably used up more energy trying to avoid doing any domestic chores than it would have taken to have done them;
  3. Advertisements can be misleading (see below).

Domestic progress during the continued absence of SWMBO has been slow, one could say almost non-existent. In other words everything is going to plan. Well my plan that is, not the plan I was left by SWMBO.

Some top cooking tips from Aussie bloggers, doubtless skills learnt from a hard days graft working in the bush, has provided me with some nutritious lunch options. The local pub has as planned provided excellent evening meals with the added benefit of a pint or two and no washing up! Eating out has pretty much resolved the need for shopping as well, another little bonus. So far the need to use domestic appliances has not arisen although I’ll swear the washing machine is looking at me, almost daring me to use it!  Maybe at the end of the week I will but for now the floor area surrounding the over flowing laundry basket still has space.

As for cleaning the house I thought I’d cracked it by chance when looking for modelling inspiration on Google images. I typed “28 to 54 Models” into Google and found myself looking mostly at scantily dressed attractive women between those ages rather than the anticipated military figures and dioramas that I expected to see. I was about to try again when amongst the various images there was an advert for “Discreet Domestic Services”.

What a great idea I thought. Why not get someone round to clean and tidy the place before SWMBO gets home from visiting her poorly sister in Edinburgh! Better than that, someone who’s discreet would enable me to take all the credit for the place looking all spick and span.


Has to be worth a go right?

So I rang the number…


“ Hi, I’m phoning in regard to your advert and wondered if I could ask you a few questions?”

“No problem, what do you want to know”

“You sound foreign?”

“Yes I’m from Russia. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Ere no, I was just expecting someone who is English”

“You want English girl, I can get you English girl”

“No, no you sound fine. How much do you charge?”

“Basic service is £50.00”

“That sounds fine, just as long as you can lick things into shape”

“You want extras?”

“What, like dusting?”

“You call this dusting in England?”

“I think so. I’ve never done this sort of thing before so I’m not completely sure”

“OK but dusting is extra”

“No problem, I might as well go the full monty and keep the wife happy!”

“You want me to provide service for two?”

“No, no just me. The wife’s away you see so I thought I’d get a few jobs done discreetly. You are discreet aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am very discreet, all my clients demand it”

“And there I was thinking I was the only one! How often do you think you will need to come?”

“Normally I come once but I can come as often as you want me to?”

“I’m sure once will be fine, it’s not that dirty. Just as long as it comes out looking nice and clean. Talking of which, do you bring your own cleaning products or do I need to get some bits in?”

“I always bring tissues”

“Is that all? No vacuum cleaner or anything?


“Hello! Hello! Anyone there?”

Can you believe it, she hung up just like that. Hardly the way to run a cleaning business in my opinion.

So, despite my best intentions I’m back to leaving it for the wife to do when she gets back. At least I can say I tried, well sort of. A high risk strategy according to some of you but as the Dr Pepper advert goes, what’s the worst that could happen?

Still a week to go before she returns.

Time enough to formulate a cunning plan!


Untile next time.


35 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 26)

  1. Inspiration is a funny old thing – like you say, it can come from many places, but (for me at least) I need to be in the mood to be open to it… Sometimes life just leaves my head too busy and I get stuck in a ‘can’t be arsed/what’s the point’ loop! I find that taking a break from the hobby is usually a good call at such times – it’s supposed to be fun after all 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve been in that same loop myself from time to time and found myself spiralling downwards to the point where just picking up a brush seems like to much effort. It’s not a pleasant place to be from a personal perspective and usually goes hand in hand with other crap that’s going on. For now though I’ve got more to do than ever and enjoying every minute. Long may it continue!

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  2. Here’s and inspirational film for you, a classic actually… Debbie Does Dallas. I’d love to see the diorama that came from that one.

    My inspiration comes from you lot, Instagram, google images, movies, bands, books or just my own warped imagination haha.

    In regards to cleaning, stop worry about cleaning your pipes and get scrubbing the floors.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m even more worried about you now. Given what you produce I dread to think what you Google, watch, read or listen to! 😉 As for the cleaning I’ve set an hour aside to do some tomorrow. To be honest I don’t know what SWMBO does all day. When she gets back I’ll get someone to ask her! 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Which is your way of saying you don’t want her right? Shame she’s a nice little runner, just needs tightening up in a few places and a rub down with a wet cloth. Your loss! 😉 Believe it or not I’m listening to it now so will get back to you later and let you know what I think. The dog likes it ,hasn’t stopped barking!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t know, I thought you Aussies were tough on your Sheila’s! I didn’t know that about dogs, I would have sworn by the way he was charging at the wall he was trying to put himself out of his misery, felt the same if I’m honest! 😉 Will send you an email shortly.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the heads up, your warning is very timely. My partner will be away for the next week or so too so I’ll need to step into full time domestic god mode myself. It’s unfortunate to hear that these young ladies proved to be less than helpful but at least I won’t waste my time calling them in either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully I’ve been able to pass on some top tips although naturally opinion is divided somewhat on using them. SHWMBO is unlikely to endorse my methods and I’d put money on our relate councillor siding with her. Women tend to stick together on these things I’ve found. 😉

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  4. Great write-up here. The sequel really needs audio. Or video.
    I do have an out for you to not needing to clean the house – you’ve mentioned the dog a few times in your posts – where does he/she live, is it outside, and can a fully grown man fit in there?
    As for inspiration – I’ve just scored the very best kind. 2 and a half weeks off work! Yee-haw!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Fully refreshed might end up needing to wait until next year. The problem with having time off work is that people know you’ve got time off from work, so they tend to want to do things with you or want you to do things for them…

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  5. Hmm, inspiration. Tough one. I think I find it easier to be inspired by other stuff, in other hobbies. Miniature painting for me, is trying to get get nice looking things together, to make a nice looking game. It just so happens that I also enjoy being creative and delving into art, even though I have never felt comfortable with being an “artist” in any media. But that enjoyment of painting minis is like a side effect from game-prepping. Ok, bored, yet?

    I get inspired mainly by Game Manufacturers making or displaying cool games. This sometimes leads to me thinking, I could change this or that and make it cooler. I then get inspired when others (like a lot of my fellow bloggers) do their own takes on stuff. Inspiration is not that hard to come by for me. My brain will spark on a lot of stuff, especially when seeing what others have done.

    I think the bigger question is motivation. Having the energy to paint, or just energy in general. Mine has been on low the last couple months, and I know it has to do with the job and being busy as a parent. Patience with myself, will allow me to eventually ride it out, and making time to paint, will eventually get some results. Life is going to throw a lot of hiccups, but that’s how things go sometimes.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Good point about motivation. You can be inspired by a lot of ideas but if your knackered then with all the will in the world it ain’t going to be easy to get things done. I don’t find motivation so tough, not that I don’t get demotivated from time to time but finding something special that I get excited about doing rather than going through the motions is a real buzz. Fortunately I’ve got a few of them lined up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also, with me (and I almost typed some long reply about this earlier), I feel like I have so many interests and hobbies competing for my attention, that there is a good chance I will find something else to do, if I don’t feel like painting anyways. Hmm, and this has actually inspired me to write a tangent for next week…to be continued!

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  6. Inspiration…hmm…I guess I’m inspired by all of you to do the best that I can, but also by my gaming friends. As for subjects, I’m lucky in that my chosen milieu of gaming (mostly sci-fi and also fantasy) there is no shortage of subjects. I still look for the stuff that is in the commercial grave that I find cool.

    As for your cleaning discussion, I’m still chuckling…😁

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  7. Heh mate ,I have been bloody crook all week with some virus I picked on the trip ,anyway I’m coming good today and will be going back to work tomorrow ,it’s been hard work dealing with all the back log of emails so I might be a bit out of order in my replies . I must be coming good as that bit about the Russian lass was bloody amusing ,cheered me right up ,thanks mate needed a laugh. The illness buggered my mojo, I was raring to get back into the Dio after the grand hedge research tour but it was only today that I felt up to facing it ,then I worked out the base was to small for all the figures so I have spent the day extending it so I won’t be able to start putting it together until next weekend .As for inspiration mine generally comes from paintings , sorry got go ,I have some cleaning to do ! .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell mate but glad you are on the mend. Hope the hedge research was successful. I’m sure you will get your mojo back once you are 100% and the diorama you are working on will take off once again. Don’t bust a gut to catch up, you’ll get there all in good time!

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