28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Rafael Maladoni

The next figure from my Reaper to do pile.

Here we have Rafael Maladoni who on the face of it fancied a take away, a light lunch!  Well the figure was certainly one I could get my teeth into (all puns welcome!).

I liked this figure and enjoyed painting it.  Not a lot to say although for the last photo I took onboard IRO’s suggestion of placing a backdrop behind.  I went for a black and white graveyard scene and have to say the photo for a first attempt doesn’t look to bad.  I will definitely look to do more photos like this but it may not be for a little while.  I think I shall take it on as a project to eventually do all new models with a backdrop but I like the idea too of backtracking to do some of the older ones as well.  An ideal subproject to keep me out of mischief during the winter months.

Photos below.


DSC_0901DSC_0898DSC_0897DSC_0879 (1)DSC_089920180809_112850





28 thoughts on “28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Rafael Maladoni

  1. Looking good, I can’t say I have seen the figure before. I like the contrast between the colours of the vampire’s and young lady’s clothing.
    As Davekay stated, the fence really adds to it. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

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  2. No one else did any puns? What the shit?

    When I first saw it I had a “coffin” fit 😂

    I bet he loves a “stake” sandwich but hold the garlic innit.

    He’s brilliant mate and good on you for doing the backdrop thing it works an absolute treat and to be honest it’s my favourite picture of the bunch. It really adds to it without taking anything away from the fabatatsic work you’ve done. 👍🏽

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  3. So iconic. Reminds me of the old Hammer horror films from your land. The backdrop makes a nice difference and accentuates the diorama. Love the legs on the victim, so nicely done. Just in time for an early Halloween!

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  4. Very nice, can’t believe I missed this, but I’ve been trying to backtrack on all the posts I’ve missed.

    The interesting thing on this one, is the lady’s face. Downright morbid. I guess it’s a Hollywood thing, where even if the lady is dead, they are going to have her all made up to look beautiful. So it was a bit striking to see, that she is in fact, dead, and looking that way. Nice job, man.

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